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The next morning I woke up and I was a bit surprised to find Harry in my bed. (For the sake of clarity, his foot lay beside my head, so nothing really happened.) Suddenly I remembered that we had talked for hours about Juliette, the tournament and Harry his dreams. What time was it? I crawled to the back of my bed and woke Harry. "Harry", I whispered and poked him. He mumbled a bit and turned around, with his face to the wall. "Harry", I whispered a bit louder and poked him a bit harder. "Wake up, you're in my bed!" He turned around and lay on his back. After that he rubbed his eyes and looked around. "What are you doing in my bed?" he asked. "You're in my bed, you idiot", I replied with a giggle. "What am I doing here?" - "Well, let me say that I just wanted to ask you the same question." - "Guess we both fell asleep", he concluded. "I think it's better you leave now. Ron will wonder where you are if he wakes up", I said to him. Harry nodded and spoke again: "If I now go to my room I'll wake him." - "Stay in the common room and lay on the couch?" - "Good plan", he said. After that he stood up and left my room. "Thanks for the talk, Mila", he said and closed the door. I smiled, fell back in my pillow and went back to dreamland.

∞ ∞ ∞

I woke up - for the second time, stood up and put some clothes on. With a towel and some soap I went to the bathroom for a little wash. After that I knocked on Oona and Juliette their door. "Yes?" I heard Oona mumble. I opened the door and walked in, their room was such a typical girls room. Oona had some inspiring quotes hanging on her wall, while Juliette had posters everywhere of the rockband "The Weird Sisters". The whole room smelled like strawberries, must have been Juliette her air freshener. When I stepped inside the room, Juliette's cat - Giselle - came to me. She walked between my legs and begged for being petted. I took the fluffy white cat in my arms and petted her. "Ready for breakfast?" I asked them. Juliette and Oona sighed. "That's not one of your habits", said Oona while rubbing her eyes. "Yes, most of the time are we the one to get you out of bed", said Juliette. I shrugged my shoulders. "I don't know, I've slept enough I guess.. And I'm hungry.." I replied. Oona was the first one to step out of bed, put her clothes on and went to the bathroom. "Wait, I'm coming", yelled Juliette. They both went to the bathroom. I sat on Oona's bed with Giselle. "Who's a nice kitty..", I talked to the cat. Giselle just meowed and looked at me with her blue eyes. After maybe fifteen minutes, they both came back. "Okay, we can go to the Great Hall", said Oona. I put Giselle to the ground and together we left for breakfast. Hermione, Ron, Harry, Ginny and the twins were already busy with their breakfast. Juliette immediately took place between Harry and Ginny. She gave Ginny a deathly face. I sat in front of Harry, next to Hermione and Fred. "You look wonderful today", said Fred. Everyone looked at us with confusing. "I beg you pardon?" I replied. "Where does that come from?" I asked. - "I'm just saying you look good today", he said. I nodded my head and rolled my eyes. "Okayyyyy" was the only thing I could say. After that I took a toast and started to eat. "So what are we doing with our day free?" asked Hermione. "Harry, Fred, George and I go to the forest and play some Quidditch with apples", Ron said. "We can join you!" said Juliette. "You can't play Quiddich..", I said. "I know, but the girls can go to the lake and swim?" - "I've already swum enough.." I said. Everyone started to laugh, Juliette looked at bit irritated. I didn't want her to get mad so I immediately said: "It's not because I don't want to swim, that you can't go. I mean I don't mind to look.." A smile came back on Juliette her face. "Well, that's settled then!" she replied.

∞ ∞ ∞

After breakfast we went to our room and packed our stuff. We would go to the forest after lunch. In the forenoon Harry and Ron played Wizard Chess, while Hermione read a book. The twin brothers experimented with some new jokes, while I played with Giselle the cat. Juliette, Oona and Ginny were gossiping about Beauxbatons and Durmstrang. It was dinner time and we alle went together to the Great Hall. "Do you want to know something funny?" asked Ron. "Tell us", I said while taking some more smashed potatoes. "Harry has been falling asleep on the couch!", he explained. I immediately looked to Harry, who was sitting right in front of me. He winked at me and smiled a little. "How did you do that?" I asked careless to Harry. "Well.. I went to Dumbledore to talk to him. When I came back I wasn't really tired, so I took a seat on the couch. Think I've must fall asleep", he explained. - "But didn't you feel that you we're tired?" Hermione asked. Harry shook his head. "It just happen." Ron started to laugh. "I think it's hilarious."

"Mila, can we talk to you?" interrupted someone our conversation. I turned around and saw Oreal and Willow standing. They looked very friendly, like we were the best friends ever. I looked to Harry and took a deep breath. "What do you want?" I asked a bit harsh. "Just, talking to you Mila!" Oreal replied. I stood up and looked at them. "Okay", I said. Oona took my hand and whispered: "What's happening?" I shrugged my shoulders and followed Oreal and Willow. "We're are we going?" I asked them. They didn't reply. We walked until we were outside. No one else was there. Oreal stepped behind me and took my arms. "Hé?" I said and tried to escape. "What are you doing?" - "I want to give you something", said Willow. I didn't even got the chance to say something. Willow placed her nails in my skin and scratched my cheek open. After that she punched me in my stomach. Oreal let me go and I felt to the ground. They both laughed and Oreal stomped me one more time. "Did you really thought you would beat us. Did you really thought that we would let you go after you beat Willow? You're so stupid", Oreal said. They both laughed and left. I stood up and coughed. God, I was mad right now. I ran to Oreal, jumped at her back and tugged at her hair. She started to scream. "STOP MILA!" I heard Oona yell. Oona, Harry and the twins came outside. "Told you we couldn't let her go alone!" I heard Harry say. Willow tried to pull me of Oreal her back, but fell to the ground. I kept on tugging Oreal her hair and I felt blood dropping of my cheeks. "You're crazy!" Willow yelled. "Mila, stop it!" I heard Fred saying. He and George took me and pulled me of Oreal. "Let me go! I'm not finished yet!" I yelled. Willow and Oreal ran away, as fast as they could. "Come back if you dare!" I yelled to them. I was breathing very heavily. "Can I let you go?" Fred asked. I shook my head. "Not yet!" I said and kept on breathing. "Now?" he asked. I nodded and from the moment Fred let me go, I slumped to the ground. "I hate them!"

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