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∞ P.O.V. Mila Mosswish ∞

Days passed and every day I felt more lonely than the day before. I talked a lot with Dumbledore and I still had my training with Snape. I knew what happened to Harry and which role I had played the night at the graveyard. Even though I couldn't remember a thing, I felt terrible. I had tried a several times to talk to Harry, but whenever I saw him I felt fear. I was ashamed of myself and couldn't talk to him. Oona had been the only who came talking to me. She wasn't afraid of me, because she knew it. She was used to my situation and knew that such things could happen. She tried to convince me to tell everything to Harry, Hermione, Ron, ... but I couldn't. Juliette ignored me too, because I had used the Cruciatus Curse at Harry ... she doesn't understand that it was out of my hands. Other people avoided me for the rest of the year and when I walked through the hallways, I heard the whispers. "Murderer. Freak. Soulmate of Voldemort. Killer. It really hurt me. For the rest of the year I transformed without using the potion, so every month I lived in a cage for four or five days. Today was one of the last days of the school year. I walked to the library (because that was the only place I could be alone) and was relieved to see that there were just some Ravenclaws minding their own business. Today was the day I decided to find something more about by curse. I wanted to know if there was a way to end the curse, because I didn't really believe Dumbledore. So I went to the library and looked for books about curses. Luckily those books weren't in the restricted section, so it was easy to read those books. I took two books: "Curses Encyclopedia" and "Everything you need to know about curses". In the encyclopedia I looked for more information about my curse. I knew a lot about it, but I wanted to be sure if my parents had told me everything about it. After reading it, I realized it had been a waste of time because I knew everything. After the encyclopedia I took the second book. My heart pumped faster, because I wanted to know how I could undue my curse. Mom and dad always told me that I would stay like that for the rest of my life, Dumbledore told me that there wasn't a solution.. So I wanted to know the truth.. I read a lot about curses, some curses could me broken by using a spell or drinking a potion.. But then I came to the chapter about my kind of curse: "Cursed into a dark creature", I read and read and came to a certain point when everything was clear. I knew what I had to do ...

"Curse: transforming into a dark creature"

How: by making a blood connection between the cursed person and the caster.


- The caster chooses on which time, how many times and in what creature the cursed person has to change. This by using the correct spel while the blood connection is happening.

- The cursed person receives powers in association with the caster. Those powers can only be used when the person transforms. It's also known that the caster becomes more powerful whenever his cursed person transforms.

- The caster and the cursed person have a mental bond. This means that the caster can demand the cursed person to make things happen (only when the cursed person is transformed).

- The cursed person loses all his emotions and memories whenever he or she transforms. Their powers and knowledge stay.

How to break the curse:

The curse can only be broken when the caster or the cursed person dies (result of the blood connection).


There is no guarantee that the other one will survive if the other dies (especially not when the blood connection is longer than 20 years).

∞ ∞ ∞

∞ P.O.V. Harry Potter ∞

It was one of the last days of the school year. I had packed my stuff and wore my uniform. It had been a crazy year and I knew that this would be one of the years that I wanted to forget, but couldn't. The tragic death of Cedric had lingered for the rest of the year. Since the day Cedric died, everything had changed. No one felt save and the rumors about Mila being the killer made things just worse. Hermione, Ron, Ginny and the twins knew the truth. I've told them everything about what happened that night at the graveyard. I couldn't tell it to the others, because I was too mad. So yes, it was a bit my fault that Mila became an outsider. Maybe she deserved it, don't forget that she used the Cruciatus Curse against me. I've seen her a lot in the hallways, she didn't make a any move in my direction so I decided to do the same. Hermione thought it was crazy and she had decided to talk to her. Today. Suddenly my thoughts got interrupted by a knock on my door. "Harry", I heard a warm voice say. I turned my head and saw Professor Dumbledore. "I never liked these curtains. Set them on fire in my fourth year. By accident, of course.", he said and touched them. I grinned a bit. After that his face got serious. "I put you in terrible danger this year, Harry. I'm sorry." -" Professor ... when I was in the graveyard, there was a moment ... when Voldemort's wand and mine sort of connected", - "Priori Incantatem.. You saw your parents that night, didn't you? They reappeared." he asked. I nodded my head. "No spell can reawaken the dead, Harry. I trust you know that. Dark and difficult times lie ahead. Soon we must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy. But remember this: you have friends here. You're not alone", he said and touched my cheek. "I don't know what to do.." I said. Dumbledore looked a bit confused. "Mila?" he asked. I nodded my head. "Just like I said.. We must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy.." and after that he left.

We all gathered outside because Durmstrang and Beauxbaton was about the leave. Ron, Hermione and I went together. "So how was your talk with Mila?" I asked. "Oh? Now are you interested in her?" she said a bit angry. I looked at Ron and he rolled his eyes. "I didn't talk with her.." she said. "Oh?" - "I've seen her. She was sitting in the library again. I can tell you, we must make it good with her before it's too late!" she said. "Too late?" Ron asked. Hermione sighed. "I think I know what's wrong with her.." - "Tell me!" I said to her. "She was reading a book about curses and how you can undue them. She haven't seen me, but when she left the library I took her book and used a spell to find out what she had been reading .. you won't believe me when I say it.." - "Tell us Hermione!" - "I think Mila has been cursed by Voldemort.." - "What?" I asked. "How? What?" Ron mumbled. "Yes ! Look!" she said and showed us the book. "You took the book with you?" I asked. "Yes, I want you two to read it!" she said. Ron and I read the part about Mila her curse. "It all makes sense now.." I mumbled. "Harry, Mila couldn't do a thing about it using the cruciatus curse against you. Voldemort told her to do it! He will use Mila to kill you.." I closed the book and looked at Ron. "Harry, did you read how the curse can be broken?" Ron asked me. I nodded my head. "If Voldemort dies, the curse will be broken", I said. "Yes, but it must happen now.. otherwise.. Mila will die", Hermione said. I sighed and stared in the distance at the lake and the mountains. "Then I guess Mila and I have the same goal.. We both want to kill Voldemort."

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