Ô, Sunlight! The most precious gold to be found on Earth

"Let me help you, you are not alright, look at yourself, you're a mess.." He looked me in the eyes, i looked away "Leave me alone, I'm fine" deep down inside i knew he was right, i just didn't want to accept the fact that i am a mess. "Keep lying to yourself that you are fine, but we both no that you are not fine" he raised his voice, it scared me "I just want to help you, i love you and i hate seeing you like this" tears came in his eyes and my heart broke in million pieces and i started to cry. He hugged me and i couldn't stop crying, everything that i have kept inside came out "I love you too" i mumbled. He just held me untill i stopped crying.

i realised maybe a bit too late that i still love you
but this is for the best of my sanity, i suppose
after all, there are two ways drugs kill by
overdose and sudden withdrawal

Reacties (2)

  • ChocolateMuffin


    3 jaar geleden
  • Ferm

    Wordt dit een all English story of schakel je na de proloog over naar Nederlands? (:
    Anyways, ik ben benieuwd waar het heen gaat.

    3 jaar geleden
    • junghoseok

      Nou ze spreken wel Engels en dat is ook Engels getypt maar de rest is wel in het Nederlands verteld if u know what i mean (: de proloog is alleen volledig in het Engels voor het "effect"

      3 jaar geleden

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