Dear friend,

Today I met up with Miyax, Sarah, Sherlock and John. I never expected thát to happen!
Sherlock and I are probably friends. Did you know his voice is ocean-blue? (No, of course you don't, pardon me for asking.) It's a really nice voice. I think it just turned me bi. John's voice is bland-beige, which is nice enough, I suppose. According to Sarah, they are definitely gay because John turned her down. I am inclined to agree. (Just kidding; not liking someone who happens to be the opposite sex doesn't make you gay obviously. However, apparently some people say that kinda stuff and mean it. Idiots.)
Also, John is married to an assassin. So we had a nice chat about weapons and drank beer. John rather abruptly cut it off, in favor of talking about medicine. Of course that led to poisons, my second 'special interest' as someone put it. Then we talked about games of all sorts, my one topic where I don't creep people out. Sherlock said I was almost not an idiot, which, from him, is a compliment. John became really annoying then, constantly reassuring me that it really was a compliment. I said: 'Of course it was a compliment, do you think me a moron or something?
'At which the rest started to laugh.
After finishing my beer, I bought new drinks for the rest of us and John would get the next round. And so it went on, Mary excluded. Nobody trusted her with their drink. Except for John, of course. That probably hurt her but she didn't let anything on. According to Miyax, John and Sherlock are famous. She was probably joking though. Dunno what she expected really; most likely me asking for an autograph or something equally stupid.



Ps. Sorry for being a bit short in this letter. Next time you'll hear more.

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