The crowded street didn't scare me anymore. It was, in fact, a blessing. This meant I could blend in. Even though my dark purple hair, my black trench coat, my Dr. Martens and my pale skin were quite unusual. It was still London we talked about. I stepped out the niche of the repair shop behind me. My first thought was I could do it, five minutes later I thought I had absolutely to work on my conditions in running. I didn't know how. I had absolutely no idea how. But these... creatures kept finding me. Almost every time they looked different. Sometimes they were almost human, but quite often they looked like creatures from Dante's inferno. This particular one had a brown-green slimy skin, eight feet... or hands. One big red eye where a drug addict was nothing to compare with. I ran. Who wouldn't? My third thought was that I cursed myself that I still was surprised that no one else seemed to see them. Which leaded to my fourth; I was - no- I had to be insane. I was imagining things.But nonetheless I ran. I ran as fast as I could. Ignoring the itches in my side. The little amount of breath I had left. The pain in my feet. The shocked faces of people I was trespassing. This was a matter of life and death. I knew that because the very first... demon had killed one the people I lived on the streets with. I learned to call them demons because one of them could actually talk and told me it didn't want to go back to hell. And as one of my fellow streetmates told me; demons came from hell.
"Miss-" I ran straight into a huge man in police officers clothes.
"Oops! I am so sorry sir!" Even though I was a 23 year old street woman, it didn't mean I lived without decency or politeness.
"Are you okay?" What was I supposed to answer on that? That I saw monsters? That I was insane? I thought about saying nothing, but the hot breath of the demon was coming closer at the second. The man looked over my shoulder and cursed softly under his breath, then he pulled out of his backpocket a long silver knife with strange looking symbols graved into the blade. I stiffened but he didn't directed it to me, but to the monster behind me. With straight and strong movements he managed to slit the troat of that thing and shoved the blade in his chest. Before I could blink the monster vanished in thin air like burned leaves.
"Wha- ?" I blinked. What the hell did just happened?
"Were there more?" The man pulled out a old handkerchief and cleaned his knife.
"More what?"
"Demons." I guessed he meant that monster. I nodded.
"A while... I think a week, ago I met a different monster on a street nearby... before that too..." The man stared at me for a moment.
"I am sorry," he said suddenly, I looked at him in surprise, what was he apologizing for? The answer lay in his next move, something sharp entered my skin in my upper arm and everything became black. I was drugged.

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