"Shadows are hunting me. Don't try to find me. I am safer without you all. If it's safe I'll try to come back. Don't try to find me, your lives will be in danger too. I am a monster. And other monsters are trying to find me. I'll miss you. The world as I knew it, does no longer excist. I've to figure out what this world is. But it's not safe. Stay away. Stay alive.


With a devastated sigh I lay down my pen. A full moon shone through the window of my room. The room which was also a prison. I wasn't allowed to go out. I opened the window, whistled softly and my owl; Hercules, landed on my hand. I stroked his head. I'd miss him. Then I gave him the note and he flew off. Knowing where to go. Knowing not to come back, like ever. I hoped he would listen, this time. I closed the window to shut out the cold winter air. For a moment I looked around the room. The plain desk next to me, the bed in the opposite corner, a thick wooden door and one cabinet for the few clothes they allowed me to have. And two chairs, one next to the bed, one by the desk. I was a monster, but writing that note with magic was something I was glad of being capable of. I sat down on the bed. A thin pillow let me wake up each morning with a stiff neck. A thin sheet let me shiver each night. I stared into nothingness and waited for the hunderth night in this room, in this building, with these people. I waited all the days, not knowing what they wanted from me, not knowing what was happening in the outside world. So I waited, incapable of leaving the room. Twice a day they brought me water, and some food. I looked at them and waited. I wasn't devastated. I was patient. In the beginning I tried to reason with them, but now... now I was quiet. I had become the girl who waited. I remembered that tv-series; there was a girl in it with that title. And a very strange Doctor. I waited for mine. I waited for words.

The door opened, I looked up. One of the people here, I called him Blondie, entered the room with my breakfast. As usual there was no eye contact. He placed it on the desk and without a word he left the room. I sighed, blondie didn't talk, grumpy, the guy with the same age, but with the most introvert attitude I'd ever seen and black hair, didn't talk. The girl who was an exact copy of the guy except for her black eyes I called miss Perfect- mostly because everything she did was perfect. And then there was this cute little girl, she was the same age but far more insecure. And then there were the grown-ups. The parents of Perfect and Grumpy, the mother and father- simple names. And this elder man who had friendly eyes and an certain understanding towards me; I called him Mister Friend. I knew there was also a kid, but hadn't seen him. The only reason I wasn't afraid was that they didn't tortured me, they just put me in this chamber and that was it. I had forgotten how I got here. If I concentrated really hard I saw a busy street and something that was following me, that was it.
Lost in my thought I didn't realize Blondie had left again.
I was alone again, because I had all the time, and wasn't really hungry yet I started with my new idea of consuming time; work out. With my body fit again I sat down for breakfast. They kept puting meat with it, even though I never ate it. As 100% vegetarian I kept that piece to myself. The tea was always the same; black, bitter and cold. With a face similar to professor Snape smelling something dirty I drank the liquid. I was somehow glad that they didn't talk to me, because I was afraid they would discover I send a magical note to my parents, brothers and sisters.
I remembered them vaguely, I didn't mind that they didn't talked to me. For the first time in a long time I named myself Winnie, after how my younger brother called me when he learned to talk. My real name was I already forgotten. Everyone called me Viking.
I put down the cup and stood in front of the window. In the first week I made the terrible mistake of trying to escape via the window. I still had a scar on my left heel. The burning pain was the sign there were invisible lasers, or something, around the building. I had managed to climb back into the room and kept my escape a secret.

It was strange, I thought well I was watching the climbing darkness outside, that 101 days ago I was a runner, but safe. A fighter, but safe. And now I felt only safe and nothing. A dull grey feeling. I didn't even know which city I was. Simply because all cities in 'rich countries' looked the same; churches, houses, shops, asphalt roads, cars, people in jeans, dresses, skirts, brown, black, white. Everything was western richness. I thought about my hometown - Washington DC- I thought about the streets I used to walk, my previous life seemed so far away. I tried, again, to remember things, I remembered my parents, I remembered my days at the kitchen table with my mothers as a teacher. I remembered that we moved each year to a different city or country. Avoiding every contact we could make. I remembered my 13th birthday that I got my first real weapons. I remembered that my parents got angry at me if I did my magic things. Also refusing to explain things to me. Remember... that was a rune... I sat down at the desk. Why didn't I think of it before? Maybe because something or someone had blocked my access to understand. I stared down the plain wood. As in a trance I picked up the knife which was left behind. I turned it upside down, with a word I hardly could understand I let the knife become glowing and I began to draw.

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