Faith drops her bag on the floor as soon as she enters the house.
It's silent inside.
"Mom?" she yells, no answer.
Biting the inside of her lip, she walks to the kitchen in hopes of finding a little note.
Walking in the white and open kitchen with dark wood accents, she spot a little note on the fridge.

I'm going to the supermarket to get some food.
Call me if you need something.
See you soon,

A smile tugs on Faith's dark purple lipsticked lips before she takes out her cellphone.
Her mom picks up after 3 rings.
"Yes dear?"
"Can you please take some chocolate with you? And some cookies."
"Sure. Something else?"
"I just saw that we don't have any more sweetened soymilk."
"Already on the list."
"Thanks mom. See you at home!"
"You're welcome dear, see you at home."

Rummaging through the fridge, she searches for something light to eat before filming a video for her channel.
She collect tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber and mayonaise before getting 2 slices of bread to make the sandwich.
It doesn't take a lot of effort to make and before she really knows it, she is in her room getting everything ready while eating, music on in the background.

Silently humming with the song she double-checks if everything is in place.
Her bed is made, the fairy lights are on in the background. Curtains closed so there isn't too much light ruining the video.
The camera balanced on a stack of book, her laptop closeby to record her voice, since her camera doesn't really record her voice well.
Nodding happily to the camera, she starts recording before sitting down on the bed.
Her intro is the usual happy greeting to her followers, a little update of the day if there is something interesting to say and than the real thing starts.

Today it's about girls who game and the stereotype that surround it.
It takes more than an hour of recording before she is satisfied, her mom already cooking downstairs.
Faith takes out the memory card out of the camera and plugs it in the laptop.
Editing it al together takes a little longer than she wants to, but it's done and uploading when her mom calls her because dinner is ready.

Both sit on the table, already used to it just being the two of them for most of the time.
Her father is away a lot for his job and her younger sister started college and has a dorm room because it's not nearby.
"It smells delicious." Faith exclaims as she takes in the scent of the chilli sin carne her mom made for her.
"Maria told me to add more beans and leave out the fake meat. Something about it being healthier. I hope you like it."
"It looks and smells amazing mom, I'm sure it'll taste exceptionally good."
Her mom smiles and they both start filling their plates with it.

After the first bite, Faith moans in delight. "So good."
A grin on the other side of the table makes Faith look up, black hair falling over her shoulders.
"I'm glad you like it."
The raven haired girl smiles and the start talking about their day while eating.

When they are both done eating, Faith helps to clean the table and doing the dishes.
She is aware of her mom lingering near her, as if she wants to ask something, but doesn't know how or something.
"What's up mom?"
"Maria invited me to go bowling with her and the club. I am just hesitant to go because you ... I mean, you're doing great, but you've been... quieter and reserved lately. I'm just afraid to ... ."
Faith her whole body freezes after hearing her mom saying this.
"I'm fine. There won't be a repeat of a few years back." Her lips tight and face a neutral mask.
Taking a deep breath, she starts cleaning the dishes again.
"Go bowling with your friends ma, it's been a while since you've done something for yourself. I'll call Blaine and Ace so they know I'm alone and that they can come over. Otherwise I'll be busy with YouTube and Tumblr and schoolwork. I'm fine, mom, I won't try something like that again anytime soon."
Her mom nods and kisses Faith her hair before leaving the kitchen.
Now alone in the kitchen, the raven haired forces her body to relax as she towels of the last plate.
Running up the stairs, she goes straight to her room, calls Ace and then Bryan to explain the situation. To give her mom some peace.
"I'll talk to Ace, we'll check on you evvery once in a while." Bryan says, the last person she had to call.
"Mom will be happy to hear that." A fake chuckle from her, followed by a flinch because of how fake it sounds.

That evening she is going through YouTube comments, music on the background.
Jack was right, she is amazing because of how truthful she is!

How did I not find her earlier! Thanks to Jack I found her. Faith I really love your content! Much love

Jack's shoutout brought me here. I'm not disappointed!

Confused she looks through recent videos of Jacksepticeye, finding a recent video dedicated to her channel.
She clicks on it, lowering the volume a little.

"Top o' the mornin' to ya laddies, my name is Jacksepticeye and today I really need to talk about this channel I found!"
Faith can't listen anymore as her channel pops up on the screen.
Jacksepticeye, her favorite YouTuber, just gave her a spontanous shoutout!

A little sound notifies her of a message on Tumblr.
Curiously she checks it, to then find that not only does she has a message, but it's therealjacksepticeye who sent it.
Excitingly she reads it before choking on happiness.

Hope you don't mind my little shoutout. It's all part of Mark's and I's plan.
What plan you are wondering?
Well we've known your channel before you got to the 200k you had before my shoutout, even before you had 10k.
We've seen it grow and we got excited and wanted to do something for you.
With you.
If you want to do a collab with me and Mark we will be super happy about it.
Let me know when you've decided and hopefully, see you soon!

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