Faith is still staring at the screen in shock when her phone rings.
It takes a few seconds for her to figure out that the sound is indeed from her cellphone.
"Faith." she says as she picks up.
"Your mom called, said you didn't answer her text. You got her worried there."
Blaine's voice sounds relieved.
"I'm just in shock from what just happened." she says, still somewhat breathless from it all.
Blaine shushes someone before asking, "what happened?"
"Jack gave me a shoutout and he and Mark want to do a collab."
"Are you serious! That's amazing!"
"Yeah, it really is! I still need to answer, so I'm going to end the call if you're okay with that."
"Sure, no problem. Please text your mom you're fine."
"I will. Thanks."

After she ended the call she sees the texts her mom has send. She quickly replies before going back to her Tumblr.
She rereads his words, still overjoyed with the message she got.

Hi Jack, thank you so much for the shoutout, it was really unexpected, but very much appreciated.
I would be overjoyed to do a collab with the two of you, I'm just wondering how it'll work out since I can't up and leave because of school.
We'll probably figure that out along the way, I guess.
Again, thank you so much!

She hits send and quickly opens her schoolsite to look for things she has to prepare for her lessons in the morning, to get a distraction from the message.
It doesn't take long before Tumblr signals another message.
She changes tabs and sees Jack has answered.

You're very welcome. How about a Skype call? Mark's awake now, and so are we.
Don't feel pressured to do it if you don't feel like doing a Skype call now.

Her whole body tingles with barely contained excitement when she sends back that they'll need to give her 10 minutes to dress a bit apropriate, followed by her Skype name.

She quickly gets up and throws on a new T-shirt. A quick look in the mirror lets her know her hair is still fine.
Sitting down slowly she opens Skype.
Accepting both Jack and Mark's Skype accounts, she feels excitement course through her veins.
Her heart nearly stops when she get invited to a group call. She accepts and wait for the connection to stabilize.

"Evening!" Jack yells.
"Evening Jack, morning Mark."
"Good evening to you too!"
Both the guys let silence fall, waiting for Faith to calm down.
"I'm sorry, it's just..."
"A bit sudden?" Mark tries.
Faith nods, cheeks red.
"Take your time. Jack was like that too when we met the first time."
"Ey!" Jack looks fake hurt, but his smile betrays him.
Faith takes a deep breath and nods.
"Yeah, I'm fine. Sorry."
"No need t' apologize. We understand yer reaction."

"Sooooo," Mark starts, "since you are willing to do a collab, we want to know what we could do for our three channels."
"I'm willing to show of my terrible gaming skills on your channels."
"I don't believe ye're that terrible."
Mark nods in agreement.
"Well, I'll have to show you how bad I am than."
Faith chuckles as the two guys shake their heads in defeat.
"So that is arranged, now for your channel?"
"I mostly talk about subjects, maybe we could try talking about that. You can have different opinion on things, that'll make it more interesting."
"Sounds great." Jack says. Mark nods too.
"Already have a subject in mind?" Mark asks. His low voice sends chills down her spine.
"Not really. Most of the time I figure out a subject right before recording. But I'll do my best to find one so you can prepare for it."
"That is considerate of ye. Now on to the more practical side of it all. Ye can't fly out to us because of school, which I totally understand."
Faith nods.
"How about we come to you? I can prepare some videos in advance and fly over for a week, maybe a little longer."
"Yea, thats not a bad idea Merk."
A smile covers Faith her lips.
"Let me call my mom real quick. Maybe you could sleep here. But I'll have to check first."
"Sure thing, take yer time."
Grabbing her cellphone from the nightstand, Faith stands up while she is already calling her mom.

"Faith, are you okay?"
"Yes, I'm totally fine mom. I was wondering if some of my friends can come over to sleep for some time?"
"Why do I have the feeling you're not talking about Ace and Blaine?"
"Well, you know that I'm obsessed with YouTube and I have been watching those two dorks. One Irish with the green hair, Jack, en one American with that low voice you like, Mark."
"Yeah, what about them?"
"Well, we are going to do a collab but they need a place to stay when they fly over to our little country."
"They can use the guest rooms if they don't mind."
"They won't. Thanks mom. Love you and see you later!"
"Love you too."

With a faint blush on her cheeks, Faith walks back to her chair and sits down, facing the two guys on her screen.
"You can use the guest rooms. So only the when needs to be ddiscussed."
The two guys smile.
"We've been discussing that. We were thinking next week, somewhere near the end. So that way we have time enough to prepare our videos."
"Sounds like a plan. Do I need to keep it quiet from my two best friends, or doesn't that matter? No one else will know about it."
"You can tell your friends, right Jack?"
The green haired Irishman nods his head enthousiasticly.
"Well that's amazing. Thank you. If you guys don't mind, I'm going to end the call since I still have to prepare one of my lessons from tomorrow."
The two nod and wish her a good night.
Faith wishes Jack a good night too, and Mark a good day. Those time differences are really weird if you ask her.

After an hour of preparing she lays down on her bed and falls asleep, a faint smile ghosting over her lips.

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