The week flies by, and it's already Friday around noon.
Blaine and Ace are talking excitingly to Faith about the two guests that will arrive later that night.
She arranged that she picks the two guys up in the airport around 9pm.
"They are going to stay 7 days, Faith! And your mom is gone too. What is going to happen?" Ace wiggles his eyebrow.
"Nothing is going to happen. And you know mom checks up on me ever morning and evening. She tells me to keep me updated on how my sister is feeling, but to be honest, I think she doesn't trust me alone yet."
"Do you blame her for that?" Blaine his tone is open, not trying to pry or push.
"No, I get it. I just don't like it."
Faith takes the last bite of her panini before tossing the napkin away in the garbage can. Ace and Blaine stand up too and follow Faith to her car, both walking closer to each other.
For a while now, she suspects that the two of them are together, but when asked they both deny it.

They linger when Faith arrives to her car. "Want a ride? I'm going to the supermarket first though."
"We would love that. We can help you pick up dinner for the two that are going to stay over."
Faith smiles and unlocks the doors to her car. Her two friends get in the car, Blaine riding shotgun, Ace sitting in the middle seat in the back.
Slowly she fastens her seat belt, feeling the uncertain air in the car.
She start driving and when she turns right to drive on the highway, Ace cracks. "We need to tell her."
Curiosity fills the raven haired her blue eyes.
The two are silently debating before Ace speaks again.
"We have to tell you something important."
"I figured the tension in the car was for a reason."

It's silent again.
"So I don't know if you knew, but I'm gay. Like super gay. My parents and little sis both know it too."
Faith nods, encouraging Ace to go in. She already figured out that her white haired friend is gay.
"Well, Blaine and I are a thing. But no one can know because his parents don't know."
"I knew it! How long have you been together? And I promise not to tell anyone."
"A year now."
Faith's eyebrows shot up. "Didn't see that one coming. Congratulations. I'm happy for the both of you, honestly."
After that the tension in the car fades and they're having a light open conversation about a lot of things.

The shopping trip goes by pretty fast. Faith bought enough food to last quiet some time. She drives home again, Ace and Blaine both offered to help her cook, and she didn't turn the offer down.
"So, can you drop me off at school again when you leave? That way I can get my car here and Blaine and I can finish up while you get your two YouTubers." Faith looks at the time.
"If you two don't mind finishing everything up."
"Of course not, we'll be happy to help."
"I don't think Jack and Mark mind it if you were to stay over for supper either. You guys helped."
"Oh, no thanks. We'll leave once you get hear. My mom is making me watch Lilly for the night because she has to go to a meeting with an international client. And Blaine is staying over." Faith nods her head.
"Well, then I'll be leaving. Ace, I'll drop you off at school. Blaine I trust you with the kitchen."
"Thanks, you won't be dissapointed." He winks before he focuses on the dish again.

In the car, Ace keeps on talking about driving safe and how she can better be too late than hurt. She nods her head multiple times, before she is at the school.
"Don't burn the house down." Faith yells jokingly while laughing before she drives off.
The drive to the airport is okay. There was some traffic and she cursed some drives for their recklessness. Parking the car she walks in. searching the place where Jack and Mark could be since it's 9.30pm and the two of them already landed. When she didn't find them, she decided to send them a message via Tumblr and Skype in hopes that at least one of them saw the message.

There was traffic so I am half an hour late.
I arrived and I can't seem to find you,
Where are you?

It takes a few minutes before she gets an answer back from Mar:

We're at Starbucks, the Irish Bean needed his coffee. We'll stay here so you can find us.

Faith nods to herself before setting of to the Starbucks place. It only takes a few times getting lost for her to conclude she better asks someone working there.
"Excuse me ma'am, I'm searching for Starbucks. My friends are there but I can't seem to find the place."
"If you go through there and then take a left turn you'll see the place."
"Thank you so much."
The woman nods before going her way again.

Taking on a faster pace I finally arrive at Starbucks. Two guys come her way, she soon realises that it are just Mark and Jack, trying to hide in their hoods.
"Good to finally meet you in real life." Mark says. "Good to meet the two of you too. How was the flight?"
"Extremely long, I am so tired." Mark looks ready to just pass out on the floor.
"Mine was okay. Not that long." Jack smiles at her before she starts leading the way to her car.
The walk is in comfortable silence.

Arriving at her small blue car she opens the trunk and help Mark get his in their. Jack's suitcase doesn't fit, so that is dropped on the back seat. Mark decides to sit on the back seat so he can sleep a bit while Jack and Faith talk. The drive takes a few hours but when she arrives she feels almost guilty that she has to wake Mark up.

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