Foto bij Drive 2

Once they where next to Mel i saw the second person was Shim. Shim is one of my brothers best friends who also trains at the club.
Don has a group of friends who trains together, they call them the gym mafia.
“D bear !!!” I say, and hey laughs when he hears his nickname.
“Hey tink ! God i missed you tink, it’s so good to see you.”
“ I missed you too d bear. Hey Shim.” I say while i wave at him.
“He Iris, looking good.”
“thanks, I feel good too”
*flight sn 501 to New York, is starting to board at gate 22*
“Well that's my flight home. I’ll text when i land.” I say while picking up my stuff.
“Don’t worry sis I’ll be at the airport to pick you up before you even land” Don says
“I love you guys, I’m coming home.” I smile
“we love you”
I disconnect the call and walk to the gate where I show my boarding pass.

Once i landed in New York i was so tired, i could asleep where i stood. But still i was full of energie, i was so exited.
I knew Don and mel would wait for me in the arriving hall. I couldn’t wait to hug them, to hug my nephew and niece. I missed them so much.
With my backpack on i literately skipped to baggage claim and waited till i saw my with stickers decorated suitcase. I still remember the day i was packing. Little Donny and Amelia came in my room with each sheets full of stickers. When they started sticking them on my suitcase i asked why they did it Amelia said “so when you arrive you will reconnaise it”
“yeah and so you won’t forget us” Donny almost yelled.
“oh my munchkins, i wouldn’t dream of forgetting you! I’m gonna miss you so much. Look what is already in my bag. It’s our family photo, i will place this next to my bed and every night and morning i will think off you. Just promise me you’ll be brave and do your best in school. Come here and give me a hug.”
My sentence was not yet finished as they launched themselves at me so we all fell to the floor.
We cuddle until Don came in the room to drive me to the airport.

With my bags carefully staked on the cart i walked to the exit doors. Behind the doors was the arriving hall. I almost ran through the doors.
I couldn’t believe my eyes, my whole family and closest friends stood there with banners “welcome home Iris” and started to cheer once they saw me walking through the doors.
It wasn’t long after that i felt small arms around my waist. I fall to my knees and wrapped my arms around little Donny and Amelia.
“ we missed you aunty” Amelia sobs. Seeing Amelia and Donny cry opened the doors of my eyes and started to cry as a baby.
“my munchkins i missed you so much”
it was only when i felt a big warm hand on my back i looked up. The 2 kids lets me go so i could stand up.
Not much later i jumped in the arms of Don.
“hey Tink, welcome home”
i wrapped my arms and legs stronger around him.
“i missed you D bear”
“i missed you too”
after i was forced to let Don go i greeted the rest.
Mel, my other brother Joseph and his wife Sarah, my best friend Jess and even Tone and Shim where there.
When i greeted everyone i need a min to catch my breath.
I look around me and saw everyone i loved looking back at me what made me cry again.
“oh sweety, no need to cry” Mel said while she wrapped her arms around me.
“I'm just emotional, i missed you all so much. And seeing everyone i love and supported me when i was at my worst. I just can’t thank you all enough and now when i was away so far made me realize that more. I love you all so much.”
“Tink you have nothing to thank us for. We love you and you are such a strong woman. Hell you’re actual still sick and you went to help other people. We can only admire you for that.” Don said while he took my head in his hands

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