August 31th, 1993

“Serena, we have to go”. “Mom, what's going on?” I asked. “We have to go, quickly. They’re coming.” “Who is coming? I'm not going anywhere until you tell me what’s going on!” The door flew open with a loud bang. “Adelaide, Serena go, now!” my dad shouted. Mom grabbed my hand and pulled me to back door. Suddenly A man appeared, blocking our way out. “I will not let you take my daughter. Expulso!”. Before I realized, my mom blew away half of our house together with the man. Both my parents fought numerous of deatheaters, that kept appearing out of dust. “Run” my mom screamed on top of her lungs. Even tough I was more than capable of fighting, I did as she said. I ran. The moment I looked back my home was in flames. I had no time to lose, they were coming after me. I pointed my wand. “Avada kadavra”. The man fell flat on his back. My feet started moving, I was running like a coward. I fired spell after spell while I kept looking back at my burning house, but my parents didn’t come out.

I knocked on his door. “Severus”. “ I’m sorry for your loss” he said. “When do I leave?” “The train leaves tomorrow. Your bags are upstairs. Feel free to clean yourself up” he said while gesturing for me to come in. I immediately walked upstairs. Tomorrow I would leave for Hogwarts. I didn’t know how to feel about that. Right now, all I felt was emptiness. Are they really dead? Were they taken down that easily? No, it was all my fault. They died because of me.

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