The big announcement on top the page is very clear; 3 DAYS LEFT UNTIL GRAND PREMIERE.

I already bought myself two tickets. One for me, obviously, and one for my sweet husband, Ben. There are a lot of things that makes our marriage special and ongoing, but movies arenít one of them. My husband doesnít really like movies. He hates Ďfake peopleí. He use to call actors fake. Maybe thatís what makes this movie just a little bit more special and unique to me. However, itís just three days away and iím very excited about it. Also, iím extremely curious about this new actor. Of course he is not actually new, but I have never heard of him before. As curious as I always am, I did a little research about the not too bad looking guy. He is very young, just a few years older than me, and also from Europe. Thatís something, as most of the great actors seem to come from the ĎPromised landí. I donít even know how to pronounce his name, but every time his name is mentioned in any article, or interview I feel like I have to read it. There is something mysterious about this guy. Maybe itís because there is so few information about him to be found and also, very few gossips. The only gossips about him are about his unknown private life. In some way he manages to keep the cameras away as much as possible, and no one seems to know how. Or why. Another interview, including just the same questions and the same answers as always, fills the HH frontpage. ĎEdvard Falkenberg about his role in Turning Tablesí, thatís all we get to know about this mysterious actor. Just a few lines away from finishing this very predictable article, my husband walks in. ĎHi dear, how was your day?í His soft voice sounds tired, but pleased. He presses a small kiss against my cheek as I put my laptop to the side. Then he sits down next to me, our dog laying down in between. My hardworking husband and his younger, still studying wife. Itís almost perfect.

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