A worldwide hype like this must be good right?

‘Honey, are you ready?’ Ben shouts at me while standing ready at the front door. ‘Just a second!’ My voice sounds louder than intended, thanks to the hollow acoustics of the bathroom. I don’t really care for makeup or an ‘on fleek’ hairdo, like most of the girls of my age do, so my bathroom routine doesn’t take too long. Even though it doesn’t take long for me to get ready, Ben will always be faster. It doesn’t even surprise me, but it can get a bit annoying when he just stands there, shouting to me. I can hear that he’s starting to get impatient and as I open the bathroom door, ready to get out I confirm my upcoming actions with a simple: ‘Coming!’ He doesn’t look surprised to see me coming down the stairs, which means he wasn’t expecting me to change myself into something more classy of sexy. It’s been awhile that I used to dress myself on top for him. I know he loves me, no matter how I look. ‘Maybe we can make it on time for the second half’ He mumbles as I made it to the last step down the staircase. A little smile appears on his soft, freckled face. That’s his kind of humor. He likes to make fun of me, but he will never be mean or rude. As I move myself closer to the front door, I press a small kiss against his warm cheek. I can feel his strong arm sliding over my shoulder, grabbing down to my waist. Then we walk our way to the cinema, staying in this same position. We are a crazy couple. Crazy, but loving.
The cinema is just a few blocks away from our apartment, so we didn’t have to leave early. Despite that, I wanted to be a little bit earlier, as movie premieres are always a little bit different from other movie nights. In Amsterdam, they like to decorate the building according to the upcoming movie. Also, they show a live stream in the few minutes before the movie starts, showing the movie stars walking down the red carpet. I always get really excited seeing the well talented actors walking next to the ‘normal’ people, going to the same ‘normal’ cinemas as everyone else. I must admit it’s not completely the same as it is for everyone else, but the idea of being in the same kind of environment as celebrities makes me feel special. I know it sounds weird, and also, it sounds a little bit like i’m still a teenager. But this craving for fame have always been a part of me, and I think it will never leave me. I hope not, because it does comfort me most of the times. I like to dream away, with my head stuck in the clouds. But I have never completely lost myself into it, I will always try to keep my feet on the ground. Even though sometimes I wish I could get myself closer to the bigger life.

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