Even though sometimes I wish I could get myself closer to the bigger life.

The cinema looks just as I expected to be. The big red coloured banner above the entrance announces; ‘Turning Tables is finally here!’ That’s not really an understatement, as the movie was delayed for a few months. A lot of people were waiting on it, so it’s imaginable how much of an impact it had on the media. For me, it just made me more and more interested. I just wonder why it takes this long. Does that mean it must be good? However, today is the day everyone can finally let go of their tensity. As we stand in line to let get our tickets scanned, I can already see the livestream on small screens. The red carpet is filled with celebrities of whom I know every name. And there he comes, Edvard Falkenberg. All camera’s are pointing in his direction and the press is screaming at him like a maniac. Everyone seems to be craving for his attention. As he walks by some microphones, all he does is smile and wave. Questions are getting ruder by the second but it doesn’t make any sense. There is no way anyone is going to get an interview tonight from this guy. This intense and extraordinary situation on the red carpet has me completely distracted from the line. I can feel a hand pressing against my back, and a sharp voice follows; ‘Walk on, you’re not the only one on the planet who wants to see this movie!’ Shocked as I am, I turn around to see who’s shouting at me like a mother does to her child. Completely out of my comfort zone, I stumble over my words. ‘I-I’m… Sorry… I was just...’ The girl with the squeaky voice and heavy makeuped face doesn't give me much time to reply as she shouts back immediately: ‘Move!’ At that moment I feel Ben grabbing my arm and pulling me away from the drama. I decide to follow him to the hall, still a little bit in shock.

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