I decide to follow him to the hall, still a little bit in shock.

The movie hall is completely dark and it takes a while before we can find our seats. Itís obvious why the movie was sold out this fast, as within a just a few minutes, the hall is completely filled. A long, heavy man takes his seat in front of me, so I canít even see the whole screen. Iím not the only one whoís a little bit annoyed by it, because in front of Ben, three loudly giggling girl took their seats. I donít know which of them all will ruin the movie more but Iím not planning on letting them ruin my evening. I have looked forward to this moment for such a long time, so it must be worth it. It must be worth this annoying people in front of us, and it must be worth the stupid makeup doll from the que. Good thing the commercial is just starting, it makes the giggling and screaming sound a little softer. As the way too long and boring commercials pass by, I feel my body getting a little more tensed. Iím actually used to that feeling, because it happens to me every time Iím about to see a new movie. To me, itís the best feeling ever. Maybe itís because I feel nervous for the actors, as Iím kind of an actor as well. I know itís not completely the same because Iím just an theater actor, but at least I know how important it is to make someone else believe in your character. I would give the world to be a movie actor, but I guess itís just not for me. Suddenly the little lights turn off slowly. The movie is about to start. The screen gets wider and the beautiful piano music silences the audience. A few actorsí names appear on the big screen. There it is. There he is. Even better looking than Iíve ever imagined, tall, well dressed andÖ For a moment my face freezes, my hands are getting colder, my heart starts to pound faster.

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