For a moment my face freezes, my hands are getting colder, my heart starts to pound faster.

In complete silence, sunken away in my own thoughts, we are leaving the cinemas. The cold autumn breeze blows in my face and I can feel my blushing cheeks getting touched by it. The movie was good, not too special. But he was… Ever since the first moment I saw him appearing on the screen, he left me speechless. It were his eyes, his beautiful blue eyes, which demanded me to keep watching. They were big and round. It was the clearest blue that I’ve ever seen. Like the clear blue summer sky, but as cold as ice. I don’t think I have ever felt like this before. ‘Are you okay?’ Ben asks for the third time in a row. This time I finally manage to answer. ‘Of course, why wouldn’t I?’ ‘You haven’t said a word since we left the cinema and you look like you’ve seen a ghost!’ He answers quickly, as if he was about to say that for a long time. ‘No I’m fine...’ I decide to change the subject as I can see that he doesn’t really believe me. ‘Did you like the movie?’ A small sigh follows. He always does that when I try to avoid his questions. ‘It wasn’t that good if you ask me’, he answers while giving me a sharp look. He is testing me, but I’m not planning on giving in to it. I decide to remain silenced. ‘I think I know what’s going on,’ he continues, ‘it’s the girl from the que’. Totally surprised by this reaction, I look at him again. Before I can answer his conclusion he continues: ‘She annoyed you and you were too scared to stand up for yourself, don’t you?’ Suddenly his face seemed caring and worried. I feel my cheeks turning pink. To be honest, I already forgot about the girl. I forgot about the entire movie to be completely honest. But I can’t tell him that. So instead of telling the truth, I just nod.

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