So instead of telling the truth, I just nod.

It’s been a week, already seven full days, since the movie came out. Seven days and six nights in a row, and still there’s nothing that can make my mind focus on something else. I tried to keep the HH closed for as long as possible, but the latest interviews and gossips keeps finding me anyway. I really need some distraction. Even the theater rehearsals didn’t really help me out. Scrolling down the last Instagram posts including #Edvardfalkenberg doesn’t really help either. All those girls, reacting on his photo’s make me feel weird inside. What makes me feel even more weird is a photo popping up showing a beautiful model-like girl standing next to him. For a reason I can’t explain, I feel sick in my stomach by reading the description. ‘Relationship status finally revealed!’ There is a little red heart at the end of the sentence which makes my eyes feel watery. I need to stop this, it’s ridiculous. As soon as I shut my phone down, I feel a little bit empty inside. I can see the rain pouring down outside, that could be a reason to stay at home and watch some HH news… Just at the moment I decided to stay at home, Ben rushes into the livingroom. ‘Honey, I need to get to my brothers house. I’ll be back around seven!’ After he kissed me, he almost immediately disappeared through the front door. ‘There is no way I’m gonna be sitting here on my own, doing nothing but being stressed over some stupid media posts’ I think out loud. I should do something helpful.

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