I should do something helpful.

Suddenly I feel the urge to run. I donít know if itís because I want to blow off some steam, or because that gorgeous girl made me feel the ugliest girl in the world with just one look. I take a look upstairs, in my wardrobe, but I wasnít prepared for the mess. A little bit ashamed of myself and also a bit angry, I manage to pull some old sport trousers from the back. It must have been a year ago since Iíve been running. I could immediately feel the clothes have gotten way too small. I really hate my mirror right now, it just shows how much I forgot about my body. Itís not only my face that havenít seen makeup in years, also my body had been neglected. I feel my eyes getting watery again, but before I let my tears come out, I grab my hair and put it in a thin, high ponytail. My hair got so long, why didnít I ever do anything with it? Like the girl on the picture, her hair was soft, curly and perfectly styled. I bet it even smells as good as it looks like it does. ĎStupid hairí I mumble while I put on my stunted old sport shoes. ĎStupid clothes, stupid shoes, stupid face, stupid...í When I get up from getting my shoes on, I stop and stare at the mirror. My cheeks got warm and red, which makes me look like a fat tomato. I grab my thinnest jacket and walk outside, not expecting the cold wind blowing in my face, making me shiver. As soon as I put my headphones on, turn my music on and start to run, the cold seems to slip away. I hoped my thoughts will slip away too, but they donít. Instead, they got bigger. Strangers are giving me some weird, worried looks. Maybe itís because iím a very slow runner, or because Iím thinking out loud again. ĎStupid, fat, obsessed, crazy...í

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