‘Stupid, fat, obsessed, crazy...’

After what felt like an hour, I’m exhausted. Because I didn’t pay too much attention to my surroundings, I ended up a long way from home. I can see a coffee cafe, just a few meters ahead. It must be one of the most quiet places in Amsterdam, because there are about three people inside. Which is perfect for me, in my sweaty clothes and worst mood ever. Without even looking around I walk inside, straight over to the counter. ‘Can I have...’ Before I can finish my order, I get interrupted by a low voice. ‘Could you please stand in line and wait for your turn like everyone else?’ Annoyed as I already was, I turn myself around. A long man stands in front of me, hiding his face behind some way too fancy sunglasses. ‘I’m sorry sir!’ I shout sarcastically to his face. Before he could answer I continue: ‘You know what, go first! Take your coffee, take my seat as well. Do you want some sugar with it? Oh and what about your sunglasses, you must need those very much, especially when it’s nearly WINTER!’ I can feel my heart pounding in my throat and I feel sorry right away. The man, clearly surprised, takes his sunglasses of. As two big blue eyes appear I feel like I’m going to faint. ‘I-I… I’m s-so...’ I stutter as my eyes meet his. His perfectly formed lips, which I didn’t notice before, turn into a little smile and his eyebrows lift a little bit higher. ‘No problem, that was actually really good!’ His voice sounded like music in my ears, dancing through my ears and stuck on repeat inside my head. A few seconds, I just stood there. Stunned. Then I finally get my brains back on the working track. ‘Good?’ What was he talking about. His little smile now turned into an entertaining laugh, as he answers: ‘That expression, and just over a simple cup of coffee. You must be an actor, I know one when I see one.’

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