You must be an actor, I know one when I see one.’ Hearing

Hearing those words coming from his mouth, my heart just skipped a few beats. Before I can answer, an annoyed female voice behind me interrupts our ‘conversation’. ‘Are you going to order something today or tomorrow?’ The man who was standing in front of me steps ahead of me and answers to the coffee lady: ‘This one’s on me.’ He turns his face my side and continues. ‘Unless you don’t want to have a little chat with me of course’. For the first time in the past few hours I’m smiling again. A little bit shy and terribly ashamed, I found ourself a place to sit down. I use the steaming hot coffee cup for some distraction as I put my cold fingers around it and smell the aroma. For a few minutes we just sat there in silence, staring in our coffee cups. The silence didn’t even make me uncomfortable as I can see he is smiling at me. Until he suddenly breaks the silence and starts to talk to me. His soft voice sounded much more polite than it did a few minutes ago back in the line. Without me having to ask anything, he tells about how he loves Amsterdam and it’s crazy people. While saying the word crazy, I blinks at me, making me blush again. ‘So, about what I just assumed. You are an actor right?’ It took a little time for me to realize I really need to answer this time. My voice sounded softer than I would have wanted, but there was no stopping now: ‘I… Eh… I am… in theatres’. His eyes widened a little bit further as he hears the words coming from my mouth. ‘So you like to perform?’ He continues like he didn’t notice my shameful blushed cheeks. I just nod, not able to produce any sound. ‘What about movies? Do you do that too?’ As if I knew this question was coming, I reply much more confident than before. ‘No, I never did anything like that.’ I would have wanted to say, no, scream; ‘but you can teach me!’. Instead, I remain silenced, waiting impatiently for his reply. But it didn’t came.

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