Instead, I remain silenced, waiting impatiently for his reply. But it didn’t came.

We just sat there, in complete silence, again. After a few minutes sitting like that, less comfortable as before. He uses his phone for or a couple of minutes, leaving me in a completely awkward silence. I can hear the ticking noises from his phone, he must be texting. I watch my coffee, which I haven’t taste yet. My heart is still madly pounding and I’m too afraid to pick up my cup as it will certainly fall down from my shaking hands. After a few minutes I hear a big sigh coming from the man who’s still sitting in front of me. I look up from my coffeecup and see his face. All of a sudden, he seems exhausted. A little smile appears as he finds out I’m staring at him. ‘I’m sorry, but I really have to go.’ He replies. As he stands up I can’t help myself from popping up from my chair as well. It was like I was trying to stop him from leaving after a long fight. A little bit shocked about my fast and impulsive reaction, cheeks turning red again, he picks my hand. ‘You haven’t told me your name yet?’ His hand feels warm while wrapped around my, obviously smaller, cold fingers. ‘Oh… my name… eh...’ I stutter. It must have been funny, as he immediately starts to laugh. It wasn’t a mean laugh though, just a sweet and reserved giggle. Then he lays his other hand on top of our hand, which were still holding each other. ‘Relax, you’re fine. My name is Edvard. Edvard Falkenberg.’ At that moment I knew it was real. It was really happening. I looked into his big blue eyes, realizing I’m smiling from ear to ear, and manage to reply: ‘I’m Nicole’.

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