I looked into his big blue eyes, realizing Iím smiling from ear to ear, and manage to reply: ĎIím Nicoleí.

It must have been like an hour since he left the cafe, but Iím still in the same spot. He was here, in front of me, talking to me. He smiled at me, bought me a coffee which I still havenít touched, and he touched meÖ His warm hands felt so relaxed, so steady. And then there was me, probably shaking like crazy and blushing for half an hour straight. The past couple of minutes I spent on thinking. I just canít believe this happened to me. I hear his voice playing on repeat in my head. He told me Iím fine. What does that mean? It must have to do with that acting subject he brought up. He thought I was good, he said he would know an actor when he sees one. But I wasnít acting, I was actually angry. I was angry with him, I hated him for a second. I canít help but laugh to myself. He must have been shocked by me, because anger is not something that fits me very well. And yet, he thought I was good. He thought I was good. I wrap my hands around the coffee cup, around my very special cold coffee.

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