ĎIím going for a run, I need some fresh air.í I reply, trying to sound as calm as possible.

The moment I step out my door, I immediately regret it. I realize my thin jacket isnít going to keep me warm. The cold is getting through my clothes, hurting the muscles in my back. Running should warm me up a little bit. The houses and trees I pass are getting more blurry and for a moment Iím finally able to set my mind free. A few minutes later, Iím already exhausted. Iíve never been this fast, but it feels good. I decide to walk for a while, to catch back my breath. I can smell the freshly baked bread and coffee aroma while passing the small cafes. I donít know how, but somehow I led myself to that one cafe. Everytime I go for a run, it attracts me, but Iíve never been back inside ever since that special day. I wonder how long itís been, so I take my mobile phone out of my pocket. As I look at the date displayed on the screen, I canít stop a little smile from appearing on my face. Itís been a month, a month already! I havenít been able to think about anything else ever since. And yet, I never went back to this place. I should go inside, I tell myself. I have to see it again, just to be sureÖ The moment I step inside, I already know it. I donít even have to look around that much to know: Heís not here, and heís not coming back. Thereís no one inside except that miss impatience counter girl. I canít help but feeling a little bit disappointed. She seems very much annoyed, even though there is no one else inside. A little bit uncomfortable, I decide to order the same drink as I had a month ago and I sit myself down at the exact same spot.

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