Who is that shabby looking bitch and what is he doing with her?’ ‘What is THAT!?’

As I scroll down the comments, I’m getting more nauseous by the second. Suddenly, I can’t hold it anymore. I need to get up. I stand up as fast as I can and run over to the closest bathroom, where I can reach the toilet just in time. It feels like I’m emptying my entire stomach content into the cold bowl. A few tears slip out of my eyes, rolling down to my cheeks. For a couple of minutes, I just sat there. Sobbing, hating everything. I can taste my salty tears as they reach my lips. After a few minutes of crying, I grab my phone again. It’s hard to concentrate on the screen as my hands are shaking heavily. ‘I need to report this...’ I mumble as soon as I find the picture again. But the moment I want to click on the red flag icon, there’s another comment drawing my attention. ‘Is this her hand?’ A very blurry picture of a hand, wearing something what looks like a wedding ring, is shown below the comment. ‘That’s my ring!’ I accidentally whisper out loud as I zoom in on the picture to see it clearer. I can see the picture is copied from someone else’s page, and as curious as I am, I click on it. As soon as the new page appears I recognize it right away. It’s Edvards’ HH page, his very own personal page! The picture shows his half full coffeecup, and somewhere hidden in the back, my hands. I can’t believe he just made a picture without me noticing it. ’Why would he post something like that? According to the picture, it looks like he was having coffee with a friend. It took a little while before I discovered there is also a small caption below the picture. ‘Find me’.

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