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Death, the first thing I smell. When I open my eyes, I can't see. It is pitch black. My senses are useless down here. Somehow I know where I am but I don't know how I ended up here. But I know how it began...

It is night and I am walking down the street. Suddenly I see some guys standing at the corner of Baker Street and Avenue. I want to turn around and walk away but I stand frozen on the street. I can't help it but I am drawn to them.
Slowly I make my way towards them. They notice me and I look straight into their eyes. All I see is hunger, longing. But that is about to change, because I am striding forward with renewed confidence. Once they notice the change in attitude, they change too. Instead I see fear, radiating from their body. Just how I like my prey…

I am walking down the same street as the night before, it is the shortest way from work to home. Another man is standing on the same corner where Bakerstreet and Avenue cross. This time I am disgusted by the smell he reeks. He stinks, bad. But even when he does, he is still very attractive.

There is something dark about him. Everything screams dangerous about him. My instincts are on high alert, but I can’t help to go near him. I feel drawn to him but it is something else. I don’t want to drink his blood, he doesn’t smell very appealing to me. Instead he fixes me with his bright green eyes. I walk towards him. ‘Who are you?’ I ask. ‘My name is Oliver. May I know your name too, beauty?’ he asks. ‘My name is Rosella.’ I say. I stare at him. I have never seen such a beautiful and handsome man as the one in front of me. And I am slowly falling for him.

The next day I was a total mess. I couldn’t think straight and let everything drop out of my hands, even my bags of blood from the blood bank. All I could think about was Oliver, the man from yesterday. Why does he fascinates me so much? But no matter how hard I try, I can’t answer that question.

A few days passed and I didn’t see him anymore. ‘Bummer.’ I whispered to myself. Then, as I turn a corner, I see Oliver leaning against a house. My house, I realize. ‘How in the world does he know where I live?’ i think. ‘Where were you?’ I ask as I reach him. ‘And why do you care?’ he says. Why do i care indeed…. ‘I-I have my reasons’ I stammer. ‘Care to enlighten me with one?’ Oliver asks. ‘No’ I say. I walk away smirking. Then I hear him chuckling and he starts to follow me. I try to figure out how I got into his mess. But for the love of god I can’t think of anything to get out as soon as possible.

‘Invite me in, please’ Oliver says. ‘Why, are you a vampire?’ I ask with a grin. ‘Just out of politeness, I guess.’ ‘Oh, um, come in…’ I feel my cheeks burning, but they aren’t rosy like normal people. I quickly turn around to hide it from Oliver. He can’t know yet, I got to be sure of him first.

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