Foto bij Chapter 2

She turns around and hides her face from me. Why, I don’t know that. She is hypnotizing. The way she looks at me, smiles when she thinks about something funny, narrows her eyes when she is thinking. God, I don’t know why and how but I think she has me under her spell and I like it. I don’t know how she does it but I don’t want to find out just yet, because I am terrified. If she ever finds out about me, about what I am, I don’t know how it will end…

Why does he stare at me with those emerald eyes of him? I am drawn to him even though he is not my kind. Part of me knows I can’t be with him. Part of me wants to deny that truth. And part of me wishes I never met him in the first place.

‘What do you want to drink, Oliver?’ I ask. ‘Just a soda is fine, thank you.’ ‘No beer?’ I tease with a grin. Why am I doing this? I think. ‘No Rosella, soda is fine.’ He grins. I grab one and toss it his way. He catches it with ease. I am surprised about his agility, even when I keep in mind the possibility of him being a werewolf. Still, most I encountered never were this agile. ‘Wow, that was surprisingly agile for a human.’ I nonchalantly say. Then he freezes dead in his movements. ‘What did you say?’ He asks. ‘All I said was that humans never could move that fast as you did.’ I say lightly.

Faster than ever possible for a normal human, he stands in front of me. ‘How did you find out?!’ He yells at me. I grin with satisfaction. ‘Ha! I knew it!’ ‘Knew what?’ ‘Well I had my suspicions…’ I say. Oliver is taken aback with this news. ‘What do you mean?’ He says, surprised. ‘I suspected you were a werewolf, but I didn’t know for sure. So I got you to admit it to me.’ ‘How in the world did you know about me? And how do you even know about werewolfs existing in the first place?’ He asks, very very confused. I sigh. It is time to tell him about myself, even though I’m not thrilled to do so.

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