Foto bij Chapter 3

After I explain what I can do, see, smell and hear he starts pacing around the room. ‘How is that possible? She might very well be the last few of her kind.’ He murmurs.
‘How is what possible? I ask, very confused. ‘I know what you are. You are a Chimera.’ He says. ‘Come again.’ I say, confused. ‘A chimera is a creature existing of 2 sets of DNA. You get half from each parent, permanent. In your case, the 2 sets of DNA are creating a mutation in your body making you this way.’ He explains. ‘How is that possible? I don’t even know who my parents are, let alone which sets of DNA I have!’ Now it is his turn to be confused. ‘Come again?’ He says. ‘I haven’t told you everything yet…’ I say with my heart racing.

‘I’m sorry but I have to go now.’ I say. I need to process what I just heard. An orphan that is a chimera? Of course she doesn’t know why she is the way she is, she doesn’t even know who her parents are. ‘But don’t worry, Rosella, I'll be back tomorrow. I just need to check a few things.’ I say. She gives me a cold stare. She doesn’t believe me. My heart aches with the thought of it but how could she possibly? After all we are strangers to each other…

I watch him walking out of the door and quite possibly out of my life. Why do I stay quiet? The last thing I want is to lose him. But why? He is a stranger after all. But no matter how hard I try, I can’t answer that question either.

The Next Day
I woke up with a pounding headache. That’s a first, I thought. Ever since my birth I never get sick. Now I know why. I wait patiently for Oliver to come back. Even though it is just morning, I can’t wait to see him again. I still don’t know how and why he fascinates me so much but I have a feeling I’m going to find out soon.

My phone rings and I sprint to it. ‘Hello?’ I answer it. ‘Hey, I need you to meet me at the corner of Baker Street and Avenue again.’ Oliver says. ‘Okay I’m on my way.’ And I hang up. I put on my shoes, grab my coat and keys and in a blink I’m out the door without even locking it. I walk up to the corner and i see him standing there. A blonde god leaning casually at a lantern on the corner. I’m slowly moving forward to take a good look at him. A blonde god with green eyes and a super sexy look. Unfortunately I don’t know how his body looks yet. A sudden sound snaps me back into reality and I look towards the direction the sound came from. A car is spinning towards me! I stand frozen on the sidewalk. My life goes by in seconds until the moment I see Oliver scheiding me with his body and taking the full hit of the car. We both sent flying into the air and land a good 2 miles away. I hardly felt anything from the landing. I open my eyes and look straight into Oliver's. His are filled with pain and worry. I get off him as gentle as I can. ‘Are you okay?’ he asks. I laugh. ‘Are you crazy?’ I say. ‘We just flown 50 feet in the air and 2 miles up on the sidewalk. You broke my landing and I am pretty sure I heard some bones cracking. so the bigger question is are you okay?’ ‘Nothing a good night's sleep and some fresh meat won’t solve.’ He says with a smile. ‘You really are something.’ I say and kiss him as gentle as I can.

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