Foto bij Chapter 5

I wake up with the sun on my face. Then I hear rumbling in the kitchen. I see Oliver standing there, a handsome blonde god who can cook too. What more could a girl want? Smiling I walk up to him and let my hands slide over his back. I feel a shiver go through him. With a raw voice from sleep he says with a smile ‘You are so dangerous for me, you know.’ He turns around. ‘I know, that’s why I like it so much’ I say with a grin. He grabs me tight and kisses me with passion. This is how I want to wake up every day, I think.

After Oliver left, I go back to my daily chores. When I am busy, I get a call. ‘Hello?’ I answer. No response. Only the static of the line. I hang up. That’s odd, I think. When I am done, I hang out with a friend. Then phone call still bugs me. Should I tell it to Oliver? I keep asking myself. After my friend left the phone rings again. ‘Hello?’ I answer, slightly terrified. ‘Hey gorgeous.’ Oliver says. ‘Wanna sleep over at my place?’ I can hear him grinning while he asks. ‘Sure, i’d love to.’ I say, relieved. I pack my bag and as soon as he arrives I jump on his motor. ‘Hold on tight.’ He says. I put my arms around him and probably squeeze a little bit too hard because he lets out a muffled groan. ‘Whoops, sorry.’ I say, slightly embarrassed, while I loosen my grip a bit. He twists the gas handle and we shoot over the streets. It is amazing! The wind in my hair and on my face, it is an amazing feeling! I never felt like this in my life. But since Oliver showed up I feel more alive than ever. And for the second time today, I am grateful to have him by my side.

When she wrapped her arms around me, I felt a shock go through me. It was pulsing and warm at the same time. A moment I close my eyes to enjoy it. Then I start the motor and off we go. With every turn I feel her grip go tighter. Eventually we are at my house and I guide her inside. I see how she is amazed at my humble house. I don’t call it a home because to me it is just a place to sleep and store my stuff. She on the other hand has a true home. Her home is personal, warm and cozy. Nevertheless she is amazed by my house.

When I am all settled, he pulls me on the couch next to him. ‘What’s wrong, Ro?’ Oliver asks. ‘You have been quiet the whole time you’re here.’ I sigh, he knows me better than I know myself already. Hiding it is useless. ‘This morning I got a weird phone call. I answered but I didn’t get a response at all.’ He thinks for a moment but remains silent. ‘I might know who it is but I’m not sure. I’ll handle this okay?’ ‘Okay’ I say, with a bit of suspicion. But I kiss him with every fiber of my being with passion.

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