Foto bij Chapter 6

That night we make love with passion and time than the times before. Those times were hot and steaming. The way his breath feels on my bare skin, his hands touching every inch of my body feel so good I start to think I could be with him like this forever. He finally makes me lose all insecurities I had about us and I finally could really feel everything. From the faintest brush of his fingertips against my skin to the most pleasure gaining movement. Finally I feel as if Oliver and I are one.

At this moment everything is perfect. The way she moves with me, her soft hands touching my bare skin. We are as one, in this moment I feel whole again. She made me feel something I haven’t felt in a long time. It is scary, I’ll admit, but also exciting. No one ever let me feel this way. With a shock I realize I love her, That this feeling is love. And I wish here and now that it never ends.

The next morning I woke up early and I watch her sleep for a while. We didn’t get much sleep last night but we have a whole day to take it easy. She looks so angelic when she is sleeping. I could watch this all day. Unfortunately I didn’t tell her I love her because there wasn’t a good time yet. Just when my thoughts pile up and I am studying the ceiling, I hear rustle beside me. ‘Goodmorning beautiful.’ I say. ‘Goodmorning handsome.’ She whispers with a smile. I look at her and I think, with a smile on my face, I can wake up to this everyday with this gorgeous woman beside me.

When I wake up, I see 2 big emerald eyes watching me. ‘Goodmorning beautiful.’ He says. ‘Goodmorning handsome.’ I whisper with a smile, my voice raw from sleep. ‘You hungry?’ He asks. I nod. ‘I’m gonna make something for you’ He puts on his jeans and goes downstairs to make breakfast. For a moment I wonder what I did to deserve him in my life. Then I put on his shirt, which is way to big, and go downstairs for breakfast. The scenery is the same as a few days ago, blonde godlike body, wearing only a jeans. I curl my arms around him and I feel him shivering. I gently kiss his shoulder and mutter ‘Slept well, handsome?’ ‘Yes I did, and you, milady?’ He respond. ‘Yes, perfectly did. So what’s for breakfast?’ I didn’t get any blood the last few days so it feels like I’m starving. ‘We have eggs, bacon and sausages, typical english breakfast.’ He says with a smile. Great, just what I need! I think. As soon as he sets down the plate I start to eat. I really enjoy the food and I wonder if he can read my mind sometimes…

‘What do you want to do today, Ro?’ Oliver asks. ‘Why don’t you show me around the forest today?’ I suggest. ‘Sounds like a plan, I’ll show you my favorite spot in the forest.’ He says smiling, with twinkling eyes.

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