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8 years later and I'm still writing Kakashi fanfiction lmao

“Are you going to give up yet?” She heaved at her opponent.

“Wasn’t planning to actually.” He shot back at her also catching his breath. Fire burning in his eyes as he watched her every move.

Akira launched forward with all the speed she had and he blocked her kick with ease. Turning her body gracefully she threw her other foot towards him but not before grabbing his fist that was targeted at her stomach. She could see the power of his Sharingan following as she tried to outsmart him. He moved back in a one handed handstand and she tried to throw a fist in his direction but he quickly jumped aside, throwing her off balance. Barely catching his low kick in time, she jumped and threw herself at him once more. It was fairly quiet at the training grounds, only the clash of feet and fists breaking the silence. They had been going at it for a while and the sun was starting to set. So fixated in their hand to hand combat, they completely missed the ledge of the hill they were battling on.
So they both felt gravity pull them down the hill.
Was it graceful, seeing two Jōnin stumbling and falling down a hill? No.
Did they laugh about it? At least she laughed her ass off looking at Kakashi’s dumbfound expression.
He couldn’t help but let out a low chuckle himself, the absolute look of bliss on her face sending a deep warmth to the pit of his stomach.

“There are some uh… some leaves in your hair.” She snickered. Leaning forward to lightly brush her fingers through his hair, still smiling. She desperately tried to hide the small blush that exposed her.

“Akira.” His low voice send shivers down her spine as he called her name.


“There is grass between your teeth”

“wHAT” Her hands immediately flew to her mouth, trying to rub her teeth with the edge of her glove. His eyes could only imply he was laughing at her. They messed around for a bit until a man emerged from the shadows and Kakashi’s facial expression hardened.

“The Hokage would like you both to come to the office.”
The man, dressed in ANBU gear left as soon as he came. Akira stood up with a sigh and smiled.

“Alright, let’s go loser.” She said, faking arrogance as she held out her hand.

He grabbed it playfully. “Just so you know our match isn’t over yet.”

“Yeah yeah.”


“Do you both understand?”

Realizing she had been holding her breath she quickly answered a polite “Yes Sandaime-sama.” before exhaling a shaky breath against the ANBU mask she was wearing. Kakashi gave a firm nod next to her.

“Do you have any questions?”

“No sir.” Kakashi answered for them both knowing that if there were any she would’ve spoken up by now.

The third Hokage closed his eyes and sighed, leaning back in his squeaky chair. “The reason why I’m giving you two this mission is because I know you both have the skills and teamwork needed. I can’t risk sending out a squad so take care of each other.”
She bit her lip, thankful her expressions were hidden. He sat up straight again and looked at them with a gentle expression.

“But I am very sorry I must burden you with such a heavy task. If you have any uncertainties, now is the time to voice them.”
Did she think they could do it? Looking from a logical perspective, taking their skills and previous mission records in account, absolutely. But it was so incredibly dangerous.

“You are both very precious to me, but I must warn you that this mission might be your last if you mess up.”
Hearing those words were like a kick to the stomach, for the Hokage to give such a warning... Lingering on her doubts just a little longer, she pushed them all aside.
They kneeled before him and she took one last deep breath.

“we will not disappoint you, sir.” She said, her voice not wavering.

“Very well.” was his last reply before he let them go.
They both left the Hokage office and walked in silence to the locker rooms and separating there. Her mind was buzzing with thoughts as she undressed from her ANBU gear. Putting on her normal clothes she went through what the Hokage had said from start to finish. When she left the locker room Kakashi was already waiting for her outside. Looking totally relaxed with his hands in his pockets.

“You’re awfully quiet.” Kakashi told a while later.
It was a such a nice evening compared to how she felt inside.

She softly smiled at him. “You’re right, I’m sorry.”
Kakashi looked at her for a few seconds. Not sure what exactly she was apologizing for. They continued their walk through the village with packed take-out swinging at their side. It had become such a routine they had fallen in. Spending everyday they could together; Finding solace and serenity in each other’s company.
It had taken a while for them to warm up to each other, with Kakashi’s cold demeanour and Akira’s bluntness being somewhat opposites. But somehow they just fit. Making up for each other’s flaws and weaknesses both in combat and in everyday life. So they just… existed... together.

Continuing to Kakashi’s home just like they have been doing for the past 3 years, they walked in silence. And being there at his house honestly felt more like home than anywhere else. Although she wondered what the exact definition of home really meant to her now.
Her parents had died in the nine-tails attack 10 years ago and she slowly but surely had started to build a wall to protect herself. So being around Kakashi, who was often cold and brutally honest, should technically be the opposite resolution for her peace of mind. Yet there was so much more to his distant attitude that most people would just overlook. Because out of all shinobi’s and citizens Akira had encountered, Kakashi probably cared the most.
She had tried to neglect the feelings she felt for him for so long. Telling herself that it would only get in the way of things. Even though she had felt Kakashi’s own interest in her rise. But scared to fail and mess up she just kept pushing and pushing until the thought was at the back of her mind and stayed there.

“So are you going to tell me what’s bothering you.”
She looked up. He had been staring at her instead of eating, a slight worried expression visible in his right eye.

“Because you’re obviously upset about something.”
She carefully placed her chopsticks down and sighed. Seeing Kakashi now, in his dark blue sweatshirt, she knew she had to protect this man no matter what.

“It’s just… the mission I guess.” Akira hesitated.

“We’ve been on so many missions together Akira.”

“But none of them were this difficult and we’ve always been with more people.”
Again. Silence. And it swallowed her whole.

“Do you trust me?”
Her eyes shot up to his. How was that even a question.

“Of course I do, you know that.”

“And I trust you so there is nothing to worry about.”
He was right. They should trust each other without doubt. She was stupid for hesitating.

“Come here.” He said quietly and Akira obliged.
She placed her head on Kakashi’s chest. It felt so overwhelmingly right to be in his arms. She could hear his heart beating a tad bit too fast, but so was hers. And she was torn, feeling so many emotions at once.

So she gave into his warmth and hope for now. Pushing al her doubts away until there were none left.

Feeling a litle bit better she left his house after dinner so she could prepare for their leave. Spending the rest of the evening stocking up on foodpills and weaponry.

Sleep didn’t come easy for her that night.

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