Foto bij Dear Hermione, Love Fred

Een brief van Fred aan zijn geliefde Hermione.

Dear Hermione,

I know it is stupid. Come to think of it, if Iím alive right now Iíll probably deny writing this. Youíll probably read this and think it is some sort of joke. But I should have told you back then, when I saw you walking down those stairs for the Yule ball I should have asked you. George and Harry would have laughed. You would have too. Iíve always loved your laugh. I love you Hermione. When you hugged me that day at the Burrow, I felt it. For just a moment my heart stopped. Thatís one thing Iím not going to deny. Not for a second. If Ginny is reading this with you, who am I kidding, I know she is, sheíd probably say it must be true. Something along the lines of ĎíFred is emotional awkward so this must be trueíí Thanks for that little sis.

If Iím alive right now, run up to me like you did back then, and hug me. Ask me if my heart stopped. I wonít lie to you. Not even in front of Ronniekins. I hope Iím alive right now. So I can try and tell you myself, and watch you, Ginny, George and Harry laugh as I fail. But if Iím dead right now, show this letter to George. Tell him Iím sorry for not telling him. Keep them laughing for me Hermione, you too Gin, all of them. Donít let them cry over me. Donít let Harry blame himself. I donít think Iíd be able to handle that. Iíd start crying. If Iím dead right now, Iíll be watching over you. And Hermione, my heart will always belong to you. So stay laughing, all of you. Iíll be with you always, in the wind. Standing with you on platform 9 3/4. Everytime George laughs, youíll hear the echo of my laugh too. So keep laughing and Iíll join in. if Iím dead right now, know that I love you. Keep beating Ron and Harry at Quidditch little sis. Keep laughing Georgie, donít let mum cry. Donít cry. Donít blame yourself Harry. Glue the family back together like I know you can Ronniekins.

If Iím dead right now,

Yours forever and a day Hermione,
Your Freddie

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