Foto bij Dear George, Love Fred

Een brief van Fred aan zijn Partner in Crime George.

Dear George,
Iím settling in okay up here. I met Harryís folks. Theyíre really proud of him and happy us Weasleys helped him. Lily said sheís happy heís with Ginny and has Ron and Hermione as friends. Theyíre also happy mum and dad stepped up and took Harry into the family. I know youíre upset that you no longer have your partner in crime physically with you, but Iíll always be here with you no matter what.
Being apart from you is torture, but I can only imagine what itís like for you without me. Iím with you everyday and you donít even realize it. You know that creak in the floor boards you would so often hear? Thatís me walking in to see how youíre doing. You see the light shine a bit brighter through the windows? Thatís me making sure the darkness never takes you. You feel the sudden chills consume your body? Thatís me giving you a hug to remind you youíre not alone.
I see you every night curled up on the couch crying and muttering about how it shouldíve been you. If it was you, I would be I the same position like you are now, only more distraught. Youíre so much stronger than I ever have been and ever will be, and it pains for me to see you like this.
George youíre not alone. The whole family is upset, hell even Percy cries at night, but they donít just cry because they miss having me around, they miss you too. Ever since that night you have been closed off and wonít let anyone in.
Ginny needs you the most though. I was watching her last night and she was sitting on her bed clutching my old beater bat, wearing my (too large) Quidditch jersey, and crying. She kept saying how she needs her big brothers back. The family didnít lose just one half of the dynamic duo, they lost you too. You gotta get back to the joke shop, please for me.

Come on Georgie, Iím trying my best up here but you just lost your spark. Remember 6th year when we crashed the examinations? That was probably our best prank yet. I want you to pull more elaborate pranks on everyone. Please, for me. You need to get back to pranking!
You need to get mum to stop sobbing every time someone tries to crack a joke. You need to get Charlie back to Romania and his dragons instead of wandering the Burrow, to get Percy to stop crying about how the house never has joy, to get dad to talk about muggle stuff again, to get Ronniekins out of his trance and be the rock again for everyone, to get Ginny back to being our annoying little sister. Our family doesnít have any light left in it because of us. Who wouldíve thought the Weasley twins would be the ones to suck the life out of everything? The war has changed everyone George, but as your other half, Iím telling you this from the bottom of my heart: get off your butt and make this family alive again! I couldíve told anyone in the family to bring back joy around there, but Iím telling you because I know that when youíre happy, they will be too. We always did everything together, and we still will. Iíll be right beside you every second of the day. Iím never ever leaving your side and Iíll help you get through this.

Iím going to stop writing now because Iím crying too much.
With all the love you could ever imagine, and then some,
Fred (the better looking half of the Weasley twins)

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