Foto bij Dear Ginny, Love Fred

Een brief van Fred aan zijn kleine zusje.

Dear little sis,

Now hereís a letter I didnít think Iíd be writing. You were always the strongest Weasley, Ginny. You werenít afraid to stand up to me and George. You always helped us tease Ronniekins. I saw you last night after you told Georgie not to cry over me. You took my old broom out for a spin and cried your heart out. I watch over you lot often. I never thought Iíd see you cry, Little Sis. Yet you still get people laughing. You donít let them see your tears. Iím so sorry, Little Sis. Iím so sorry that Iíve hurt you so much. I heard George tell Harry and Mum that he saw me in you last night. He said he didnít think heíd be able to crack a smile if he didnít have you. But he doesnít have you, does he, Little Sis? None of them do really. Not even Harry. Youíve stopped letting people in. Iím still with you Ginny. You need to open up. Thatís one thing you can count on. But do me a favour, Little Sis. Be happy. I need you to be alright Ginny. Be open again. Everytime I look down itís like youíre trapped in your own fake world of ok.

Iím doing alright up here, Little Sis. Harryís parents, Remus, Tonks and Sirius are helping me adjust. But you need to adjust too, Little Sis. Open up to Harry. The poor bugger just proposed for crying out loud! Talk about me with Hermione and George. Remember the good times. And while youíre at it, get Hermione and Ron back together. Kick Ronís ass for me for being a prat. Get out parents laughing again, please. Tell dad the function of a rubber duck is a childís bath toy (Lily Potter told me) all of us up here better get an invite to this wedding of yours, Little Sis. Save us seats at the front. Tell George Iím always going to be better looking than him now. And Ginny, donít ever forget whenever you need me, Iíll stand by you. All of you. I love you so much, Little Sis and we all need you back.

All my love (and then some more for the others),
Fred (ever the inner child)

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