Foto bij Chapter 7

Hoi, sorry dat jullie zo lang moesten wachten!!
Hier is hoofdstuk 7.

After an hour of wandering around the woods we arrive to the most beautiful spot I have ever seen. Oh, didn’t I tell you? When I was 16 I left the orphanage and traveled the world. This place is beautiful. A huge rock with a beautiful waterfall disappearing into a pool of clear blue water. The way the sun hits the water is perfect. Completely mesmerized I stand there. Then I feel 2 hands on my shoulders. I spin around to look at Oliver. His hair lights up even more than usual with the sunlight behind him. He noticed me staring at him. ‘Why are you staring at me?’ He asks. ‘In this light you look even more handsome.’ I say with a grin. He chuckles and looks at the pool behind me. ‘Let’s go for a swim’ He says. If I could, my cheeks would be bright red right now because we don’t have any have any swimgear with us. ‘You aren’t becoming shy now, are you Rose?’ He teases. That does it. I take off my clothes and turn around. ‘No, are you?’ I tease back. His cheeks are burning red and he doesn’t know where to look. A smile spreads across my face. Eventually he looks me in my eyes with a determined look. He takes off his clothes too and picks me up. I let out a shriek and the next moment he launches forward and we land in the water with a big splash. He sets me free and I swim away to the waterfall. I hardly arrive at the waterfall and I feel 2 strong arms around me. I shriek again and I turn around to look into his emerald eyes. ‘What?’ he asks. ‘This is the best trip I made so far. and I made a lot.’ I say. A smile breaks across his face and he picks me up again. ‘What are you doing? Oliver, put me…’ Before i finish my sentence i feel his lips on mine. This kiss is more than the previous ones. This one is filled with love and a promise, to stay with me forever.

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