Foto bij 1. I'm the one!

I strode through the hall, my brown hair swaying softly back and forth, my high heels tapping loudly on the wooden floor. I followed my manager to the desk, smiling at the receptionist.
"Good morning, what can I do for you?" the receptionist asked, a questioning smile on her lips.
"This is Aimee Carter. I'm her manager, Charlotte Johnson. We have an appointment."
"Let me check," the receptionist started tapping on her keyboard. I turned around and stared around the hall. Even though it was busy, it was amazingly quiet, something I could definitely appreciate. For a while it felt like having my old, quiet life back.
"Here you are! Mr. Braun is still in a meeting, but you can wait on the third floor. He'll be with you shortly."
"Thank you," I felt like I floated as I walked to the elevator.
"Not to nervous, Aimee?" Charlotte stomped my arm and grinned. I rolled my eyes and shook my head. No way that I was going to let nerves ruin my perfect day.
"Not since I won The Voice," I said, as I relived the memory. "The feeling you have when you're on that stage and they call your name. Indescribable. Better than sex!"
I stared at my reflection in the mirror. My hair was a mess and I didn't have any make-up on. Too bad, I didn't really care. The elevator came to a stop and the doors slide open. Charlotte and I found the waiting room and sat on the bench. I texted some friends and family about the meeting I was about to have and aimed my phone in my bag. I dropped back in the bench a little further. I had some jet lag problems, but I couldn't let myself fall asleep. That wouldn't make a good impression on The Scoot. Time slowly passed by, while my eyes kept closing a little longer every time.
"Charlotte?" A heavy voice filled the waiting room, opening my eyes. Did I just fall asleep? I covered my mouth as i yawned deeply and quickly rubbed the sleep from my eyes. I just hoped I hadn't drooled all over the place. I saw Charlotte get up and walk to the door with her hand outstretched.
"Good morning, Scott," she smiled, “it's been a while!"
"Come on, Char, not so formal," Scott Braun laughed and pulled Charlotte in a hug. She giggled as she let go, then she turned to me, blushing. I tried not to laugh.
"Scooter, this is Aimee Grace, my new superstar. Aimee ..."
"I know!" I exclaimed, jumping from the couch and giving Scooter a hand, "Pleasure to meet you, Mr. Braun."
"Please, call me Scooter," Scooter grinned as he shook my hand, "so, you're the one, hu?"
"I'm the one."
"Perfect, come in," he beckoned us, "sit down. Let's get straight to the point."
Charlotte ran her fingers through her hair and smiled briefly. She was a nice woman, with humor and a very sweet face. Everyone always wanted to do business with her, because they thought she was easy to convince.
Nothing was further from the truth. Charlotte was a monster, stiff as a statue, without compassion. She got what she wanted, when she wanted it and how she wanted it. Always.
"So," she started, unclipping her briefcase and taking out a pile of papers, "I read the contract you sent me, but some things have to change."
She started reading a list of things that, according to her, had to be adjusted in the contract, but Scooter also turned out to be a tough businessman. For about two hours I sat in my chair and watched the conversation like it was a game of ping-pong. Since it was about me and my career, I tried to pretend to be genuinely interested, but at every new point in the discussion it was harder and harder to concentrate.
"Excuse me," I interrupted them, "can I go get a coffee?"
"There's a Starbucks corner at the end of the corridor," Scooter muttered, adjusting something on the contract with a pencil.
"Bring me some tea," Charlotte winked. I nodded and stepped into the hallway. The Starbucks corner, as Scooter had mentioned, turned out to be no more than a machine with the Starbucks logo. I made Charlotte's tea and chose a Caramel Frappuccino for myself. I put everything on a little tray I found behind the machine, grabbed it with both hands and turned around.

Liefste lezers,

Ik heb dit jaar een erg druk jaar voor de boeg,
ééntje waarin ik zweet en ik zwoeg.
Part time werken in de kinderopvang,
en de kinderen zijn niet altijd prettig in de omgang.
Daarnaast ook nog full time student in afstandonderwijs,
en nog studeren na al dat gekrijs.

Dus lieve mensen, hopelijk heeft u begrip,
toch geef ik jullie deze leestip!
Lees mijn verhaal en je zult zien,
dat je heel erg blij zal zijn nadien.
Want ik doe mijn best, ook al gaat het soms traag,
als je dit leest, dan zie ik je graag!

Veel liefs,

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