Heikki waited as his father packed his things and called his work. Fredrik's boss was surprised because of the early conversation but he granted Fredrik's wish. H could go on holiday. Heikki and his father got outside and they went to the car. It was not the most fancy one: it looked like it could fall apart at any minute. They got inside and Fredrik looked at Heikki. 'And, where do we have to go?', he asked.
'Italy', Heikki answered.
'And where in Italy?', his father asked and started the car.
Heikki fell silent. Yeah.. Where was Saara exactly? She had never told him and he never got the chance to ask. Heikki sighed. 'I don't know', he softly said.
Fredrik leaned back. 'You don't know, huh?, he said and looked in front of him. 'Then, how are you going to find out?',
Heikki shrugged. 'I don't know..', he said again and leaned back as well. He forgot who most of Saara's friends were and he lost contact with most of his friends so he could not ask them either, it would be too awkward. Besides that, he did not know who to ask either. He sighed again. This way, he would never be able to find her again. Then, he got an idea. 'I know where her brothers work', he said. 'They must know, right?', he looked at his father, who nodded. 'We can always try', he said and Heikki smiled again. His mother still lived in Turku and she would talk about the things she had heard in the city every now and again. She once told him that Antto and Sami had begun their own car repair service in the outskirts of the town. It would be easy to find that. Heikki grinned. Ever since he heard from Saara what he had done, he hated him. Because of him, Saara was gone and he was feeling like this. So to meet him again would be rather.. interesting.
Heikki looked up their address. It would be a two hour drive to Turku so they went immediately. It was around eight o'clock in the morning so they did have plenty of time but Heikki just wanted to get on the road as fast as they could.
Fredrik turned on the radio and a song Heikki did not know came on. He also did not really care about the song, the only thing he really cared about was getting to the brothers of Saara to ask for information. Heikki knew they would not like it that he would ask them things about their sister. They would probably pretend to be those kind of protective brothers and all that but Heikki knew better. They never cared about her. They wanted to have a little brother but they got a little sister. They would pick on her, steal her belongings and blame her for the things they had done. Saara did not tell her parents but she did tell Heikki. It made him furious but there was nothing he could do about it. He remembered all those times Saara would call him on the phone and crying because her parents had hurt her for something she had not even done. Or because her brothers had stolen of damaged something she loved. Heikki had never liked it.
Heikki pulled up his knees and rested his chin on one of his knees, staring at the road in front of him. It was starting to get more busy on the road. People were trying to get to their work in time, parents were trying to get their kids to school and students were going to their schools. Soon, they were stuck in traffic. They both cursed and his father grinned. 'Guess we got that in common, huh?',
Heikki smiled lightly.
They soon got out of traffic and got onto the highway. They did not talk much. Fredrik was more focussing on the road and Heikki was focussing on the landscape next to the highway. He looked up when the radio played a sad song and he changed the radio station to another one, one that was playing old rock songs. 'I did not know you liked rock', his father said and cleared his throat. Heikki nodded. 'Yeah, I have been listening to it for a while now', he said and looked at the landscape again.
They were silent again. It was not really a nice silence, it was more of an awkward one. They both did not really know what to say so they just did their thing. It was Fredrik who started talking again. 'Look', he started. 'I understand you are still angry at me and I do not judge you for it. I left you, your mother and your sister alone for years because of my selfish behaviour. I am sorry for it, I really am and I have changed. I want to be there for you, for your mother and sister, believe me. I want to make it up to you, even though it will be hard. You do not trust me, I know. But please, give me another chance', Heikki's father sounded sincere, something that shocked Heikki. He had not expected this. He stayed silent for a second and then nodded slowly. 'Do not ruin it this time, old man', he said. His father grinned again but Heikki saw his eyes shine because of the tears.
Soon, they reached the service of the brothers. Heikki decided to go there alone, it would not take that long. He got inside the service and saw a couple of men working in their blue overalls. He walked over to someone and asked where Antto or Sami was. The man looked around. 'They must be in the office, over there', he pointed at an old door covered in posters and went back to work. Heikki thanked him and went over to the door. He knocked once and got inside. Antto and Sami were inside, drinking coffee and talking about something Heikki did not know. They looked at him. 'You need one of us?', Antto said. He had gotten fatter and uglier since the last time Heikki had seen him but Heikki knew it was him. 'Yes', Heikki said. They clearly did not recognise him and he was glad about that. He stepped from the door. 'I am here because of a question',
Sami smiled and he already got up to help Heikki. 'You are at the right address for a question! How can we help you?', Sami had always been the softer one of the two. Sometimes, when Antto had hurt Saari, Sami would go to her and hold her tight until she was feeling better again. Secretely, Sami did not enjoy his little sister being treated like that but he did not dare to speak up.
Heikki looked at him. 'Where is Saara?', he asked and he saw how Sami's smile dropped. 'Saara?', he mumbled and Antto got up from his chair. 'I fucking knew it', he growled. 'It is that maggot, Heikki', he stood next to his brother.
Heikki nodded. 'Nice to see you again. Now, tell me her address',
Antto stepped in front of Sami. 'No way in fucking shit. Fuck off, or I'll beat your ass', he hissed and Heikki did not hesitate. He stepped forward and hit Antto hard on his cheek, which caused him to stumble and Heikki grabbed him by his overalls and pushed him hard against the wall. Antto groaned. Saara would not like hearing what Heikki did but Heikki just needed to know. 'Tell. Me.', he hissed in Antto's face and Antto muttered something. Heikki hit him hard against the wall again. 'I'm sorry, what did you say? Could not quite catch that', he grinned and Antto yelled out her address. Verona. Heikki smiled and he let Antto go. He looked once at Sami, who stood frozen, staring at Heikki and Heikki ran out of the office, out of the service and back into the car. Fredrik and Heikki sped away. Heikki stold his father about what had happened and where they had to go. Fredrik laughed. His son was more like him than he had known.

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