Iím not sure when it started. This hell iím in.

I think he noticed me staring at him him but he didnít stop me so I guess he didnít care.
Iíve known this boy for a long time, perhaps all my life. But I had never viewed him the the way I did now, that mustíve started about a year ago.
Iím in love with him. With his being, his eyes, his words, his smile and his mind.
Heís like an addiction to me, and Iím hooked on him, Iím waiting for him to completely take me over, to envelop me with his being and to give me the high Iím craving. Iím not sure how much of this I can handle, or how long.
I hate him. But I love him so much.
One day heíll know, one day heíll see, one day heíll break down my walls and slip into my subconscious. And he wonít leave. And I love him for that.

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