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Justin Bieber did indeed know how to go out. After I put on a simple burgundy dress and my wedges, put on some make-up and a bit of perfume, we left with a cab.
“1727 N Hudson Ave, please,” Justin pulled his hood a little over his face when someone passed with a camera and sank a little deeper into the car seat.
“Where are we going?”
“You’ll see,” he murmured, taking out his iPhone. I rolled my eyes and looked at the city. I didn’t understand anything about this boy. One moment he was angry, the other moment he could laugh and joke and then he was completely indifferent again. I almost started regretting that I had asked him tonight.
On the other hand, this was the perfect chance to get to know each other a bit better. We would be on each other’s lip for the next few months. It was better to see what this guy was about, although I wasn’t very impressed at this moment.
“Thanks, man!” Justin pressed some money in the hand of the taxi driver and got out. I followed his example. We arrived at a building that looked like an old hotel. It didn’t look very special and made me feel uncomfortable.
“Where are we?” my discomfort must have sounded in my voice, because Justin looked at me for the first time since getting in the cab. He stared at me for a moment with a look I didn’t know and then pulled up a corner of his mouth.
“Come on, the entrance is at the back,” Justin went ahead. I grabbed my bag a bit tighter and followed him as closely as possible. I didn’t understand what we were doing back here. Then I saw the queue. It occupied the entire street. As far as I could see, there were people waiting. Justin didn’t care about the queue. He dragged me to the entrance and the beginning of the line and shook hands with the bouncer.
“This is Aimee,” Justin introduced me to the bouncer. I shook his hand and his eyes slid over me from head to toe, making me feel like a piece of meat, ready for inspection.
“Go ahead, Justin,” the bouncer winked, “and bring this hottie again next time.”
“Sure,” Justin grinned as the bouncer opened the secret entrance and dragged me inside. A red carpet led us to three doors. Justin deliberately opened one of the three doors and led me further inside.
It seemed like I stepped into the year 1920. It was clear that the owners of the bar wanted to preserve the individuality and history of the hotel. The hotel was equipped with elegant dark wood panels, red velvet seats, tables and chairs from old cafes and a spacious dance floor that opened onto a courtyard lit by two fireplaces.
It wasn’t very busy in the bar, so we could easily squeeze through the tables. Outside there was clearly something going on, because a large part of the audience had gathered there. I stood on the tips of my toes to get a better view, but Justin poked his elbow into my ribs, almost sending me sprawling on the floor.
“I’ll get us a good seat,” he murmured, “you want to see the show?”
I nodded. I had no idea what the show was, but when it attracted almost everyone in the club, I wanted to see it too.
“This one is almost over, but they’ll give another one later,” Justin stopped a waitress and muttered to her with great gestures. The girl nodded and smiled broadly. She led us to a table by the fireplace, where some teenagers were laughing and drinking.
“Beat it,” I heard her hiss. I raised my eyebrows to Justin, but he didn’t seem to think anything weird of it. The teenagers tried to ignore her, but in the end, they had to move.
“Is this place all right, Mr. Bieber?” the waitress asked, blinking fiercely with her eyelashes. Justin nodded and grinned.
“A China Doll and an London Eye,” Justin waved the waitress off and offered me a seat. Totally impressed by the decor in the courtyard, I look around speechlessly. The fire behind me bathed the courtyard in a soft light and made sure I didn’t get cold. Lights that sparkled like stars hung above our heads. I immediately felt at home.
“It’s beautiful,” I grinned, “is it always this calm?”
Justin laughed, “let’s wait for an hour, let’s see how calm it is then.”
Smiling, I looked around. In every corner and on every wall I discovered something new, something unique or something surprising that kept me busy. With my foot I moved on the beat of the music that came out of the speakers. The DJ stood a bit further on a stage and played the most beautiful music from the 70s and 80s. That had been my favorite music period anyway, but this DJ could really work it.
"My treat," Justin pushed my drink towards me and winked. I smiled broadly and took the glass. The drink had a beige-like color and didn’t look very attractive at all, but I decided to try it out of courtesy. It was fantastic, wonderfully balanced, sweet and creamy and feminine.
“Wow,” I muttered, as I liked my lips, “this is wonderful!”
“I know what the ladies like,” he grinned, “the show’s about to start. If you can’t see properly, you can stand on the side of the fireplace. That’s what most people do.”
But I could see everything perfectly. The show was beautiful, a combination of burlesque and acrobatics and other elements that I had never seen before. With wide eyes, I watched the climbing and dancing and silently wished I could do something like that. The waitress ensured we came short on nothing. Every time our glasses were almost empty, we were provided with a new glass, a different cocktail every time. If someone sat before us, and we couldn’t see the show anymore, they were immediately sent away. When I had to go to the bathroom, they provided a waitress who walked me to a private toilet on the top floor. Justin must have something arranged, because they didn’t ask for payment at all.
“I think I’m a little tipsy,” I hiccupped three hours and many cocktails later. Justin grinned as he pushed a new cocktail over to my side of the table, “I want to dance!”
“I don’t dance!” Justin shrugged as I slid off my chair.
“You can’t turn down a women when she asks you to dance,” I grabbed his arm and pulled him off his chair into the crowd. The music was so danceable and sensual that I quickly found my rhythm. The alcohol might have had something to do with that too. As always when I danced, I forgot everything and everyone around me. I completely surrendered to the rhythm and the music. Beside me, I felt Justin move. It went without saying, dancing with Justin. It felt like I had known this boy and his body all my life and we had danced together since we could walk. Our movements flowed into each other, as if we were both a part of the same body. Nothing else mattered anymore, now that we were on the dancefloor.

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