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POV Katarina Adems

Percy and I walk next to each other through the tunnel. It doesn’t feel right, this place I mean, but I don’t want to tell Percy. He is convinced, he knows this tunnel and that we’re going the right way. The tunnel takes a left turn and after the turn there is this small room shaped hole. Three lanterns on the wall give of little light but enough to see another opening on the other side of the room. “Percy there is another tunnel”: I say and point, “Let’s go”. Without noticing I already moved into the room I am halfway through it now. I have this weird feeling and turn around towards Percy. Behind him is a woman with wild eyes and a fry pan in her hand ready to attack. The pegasi seemed to disappeared. “Percy ru”: somebody grabs me from behind and covers my mouth with a piece of fabric. The fabric smells horrible my eyes get watery and I feel dizzy. Percy comes towards me and the woman hits him with blurred vision I see him fall and then I blackout.

I wake up strapped to a chair in complete darkness. I hear Percy breath beside me, ”Annabeth”, he whispers. I sigh, he is so dumb sometimes. “No dumbass she is on her own quest remember”: I snap at him. “Where are we now”: I mumble. “How should I know”: Percy answers, “You are the one how said this road seemed familiar to you”: I say irritated. I wish I had one of my arrows or one of those knifes I keep making appear without knowing. Suddenly I feel a cold metal in my hand it also gives off a silver glow. “What is that”: Percy asks surprised. “My knife”: I answer and sigh relieved. I cut through my robe when I hear footsteps again. Quickly I stand up and with the light of my knife I walk towards Percy. I lean over him and cut him loose. “Do you have riptide again?”: I ask softly. “Yes he is in my pocket”. “Good let’s head that way”: I say and we walk through the tunnel behind the chairs, away from the footsteps. After a long tunnel of darkness we come into a huge room with bright silver light. Both of us mown, it takes a while before we get used to the light. “Artemis”: Percy says, I follow his gaze and end up by a fifteen your old girl strapped to the wall with chains. “Percy what are you doing here, you have to leave”: the girl says. “No we came here for you well not specific here bu”, “We went on a quest to look for the Huntress of Artemis because they can help me figure out my past and future”: I interrupt his rambling. “Katarina”: the girl says in a way as if she is out of breath. Behind us you hear the sound of swearing and footsteps. “We have to go”: the girl and I say at the same time. I take Riptide out of Percy’s hands uncap him and with the blade I cut through the chains. “Hey”: Percy mumbles, “I could have done that too”. “Catch, we still have to find the pegasi and my bow and quiver”: I say and help the girl up. “You can call your bow and quiver it will come when you need them”: the girl says. “That’s solves one problem now where could the pegasi be”: Percy says. “Dude you’re the one who can talk to horses do something with that”: I say and start walking into one of the four openings this room has. Percy and the girl follow me closely.

“Lady Artemis, Kat and I are on our way to Gwaii Haanas National Park because we think your Huntress are there is that true?”: Percy asks the girl. “Yes Percy they are still there what made you decide to go there”. “Kat decided”. “Woah wait”: I say and stop walking. “This fifteen year old girl is the goddess of the moon and hunt”: I say unbelievable. “Kat don’t be rude what did I told you about insulting the gods”: Percy hisses to me. “It’s okay Percy. Her confusion is understandable only this isn’t the time to talk about that. We have time when we get out of here”: apparently Artemis says. “She is right”: I say, turn around and start running this time. Like always I felt the moon coming that was about ten minutes ago so I know now where to go above ground. “Kat do you know where you going”: Percy asks while running after me. “100% sure”: I say and run harder than first, suddenly I feel my bow and quiver back on my back next to my backpack (which the couple never took away). Immediately I stop Artemis said it would appear if I needed them so span my bow and shoot without thinking into the dark. I hear a scream and a cry, “It went right through me”, it’s a woman’s voice. “Other way”: Percy says, this time I agree with him we turn around and run the other way. “Percy take a left”: I shout since we turned around I walk now behind. “You sure?”: he asks. “No time to second guess”: says Artemis and runs left passed Percy. “What she said”: I say and run past Percy. We run further, another fork Percy looks at me. I feel where we need to go but that’s where the couple is. “I hear Blackjack”: says Percy suddenly. “We need to get down”: shouts Artemis as soon as she finishes her sentence the ceiling comes down. Percy knocked me to the ground and we get half covered with dirt from the ceiling that falls into the tunnel. When the crumbling stops we get up again in the middle of the room are the Pegasi. “Good boy Brody”: I say relieved. “Now let’s fly out of here”: Percy says. “Sounds good to me”: I say as I climb Brody’s back. Artemis takes place behind Percy on Blackjack and we take off. We are already flying for a while when I think of something. “Percy do you think we can fly to Canada save now?” “I hope so, I don’t think Zeus shoots down his own daughter”: he says referring to Artemis. “Shoot out of the sky”: Artemis says surprised. “We tell you when we are in Canada”: Percy says, “Kat lead the way”. I navigate us on the stars still north to the National park in Canada. I have questions running through my head so many I forget them as soon as they pop up. We fly in silence.

Five hours later, we land behind the sign from the Gwaii Haanas National Park. It was still dark so nobody saw us land. “Good boy Brody”: I say and feed him an apple. “He thanks you Kat and says it was no problem”: Percy translates. “Thanks”: I say to him and throw him an apple for Blackjack. “You two become quit the team”: Artemis says suddenly. “I think seaweed brain is better off with Annabeth than with me”: I say and Percy laughs. “Katarina we started off a bit wrong”: Artemis says, “I am Lady Artemis, Goddess of the moon, hunt, chastity, animals, and the wilderness. Twin sister of Apollo god of sun, light, healing, music, poetry, archery, reason and prophecy”. “Woah that’s some introduction”: I mumble, “I am Katarina Adems but you knew that already”. “Yes but only because Zoë was so thorough with her work”: Artemis sighs. “I got her letter the one Thalia finished, I am sorry for your loss”: I say. Artemis laughs a little, “Let’s go to my Huntress there we can talk”. I think I like this woman / girl. “Lead the way Lady”: I say. Percy just stood there in silence while we talked now we walk next to each other after Artemis. “Kat if they asked you to join them would you?”: he asks. “I don’t know, I don’t want to leave my dad behind, but somehow I have this calm feeling since we met her”, Percy nods like he understands what I am saying. We don’t have to walk long before we see a group of silver tents. The tents are surrounded by wolfs and hawks and in the middle of the tent circle is a campfire with about fifteen girls around it. One stands out from the rest she is also the first one to see us. “Lady Artemis, Seaweed Brain”: she yells happily. “Pinecone Face”: Percy yells back. “Thalia”: Artemis says calmly, “I want you to meet Katarina”, now she looks at me, “Katarina this is Thalia my second in command”. “Nice to meet you”: Thalia says, “It nice to meet you too, finally a face with the name”: I say. Meanwhile Percy walked up to her and hugs her now. “Good to see you cous”: he says. “Same dummy”: she says and gets her hand through his hair. “Cous?”: I say. “Yeah as a daughter of Zeus I am seaweed brains cousin short cous”. “You’re a daughter of Zeus but I thought”: I start my sentence but Artemis breaks in. “Gods break their words sometimes if they want it or not if Aphrodite gets involved you can’t stop it”. “I will introduce you to the rest later lets go to my tent we have allot to talk about”: Artemis says to me, “Thalia will you get some food for Percy and bring than some food to my tent”: she says to Thalia. “Yes Lady”: Thalia says and takes off with Percy who puts his thumb up at me before he turns to Thalia.

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