Foto bij Dream [3]

A few nights ago I had a really weird/bit scary vivid dream again (I couldn't sleep for two hours O_O) but it was actually pretty interesting: I had a boyfriend and I remember his name and what he looked like, while I didn't heard any name of his friend or what they looked like. It feels as if this dream was really trying me to remember him, but I dunno why. So I'm writing it into a short story and tried to draw him from my memory (which was really really hard to do o. O).

Kevin and I wanted to go shopping so we went to a big mall, not somewhere in our hometown. A few of his friends were coming along and were super excited that their friend did so much for me and they could tell he really loved me. That made me happy of course. We walked hand in hand and sometimes when some of his friends where in stores he would hug me and kiss me, or both at the same time.
After a long walk, in and out some more stores, I noticed Kevin was wearing a different color of his jacket whenever he went inside a store I didn't wanted to go into. And when he did this again his original color jacket was back on again. No one else seemed to notice but me, but maybe there was something with it, so I didn't mentioned it. While we were browsing some window shops suddenly we heard a lot of screaming, shouting and hard bangs behind us. People panicked and were running in different directions. We kind of kept walking, because we didn’t know what was going on. When we saw lots of police officers were running towards it Kevin’s friends instantly ran the other way. Kevin was nowhere to be found so one of his friend grabbed my hand and pulled me with them. We ended up in a store, cuz we were told the exit was blocked off by the police. And then one random guy we all didn't know came to me and Kevin's friend to tell us Kevin was not who we thought he was.
"What are you talking about old man." It was Kevin and it scared the shit out of me. Where the hell did he even came from. This time he was wearing a black jacket. The color he was wearing when we left our house. The old man said again: "Can't you tell the difference? This man is a criminal compared to the other one." Other one? There was another Kevin? His friends pushed the old man away, sick of the shit he was rambling about and turned to Kevin.
"I don't understand what's going on. I'm not a thief, criminal or whatever he's accusing me of. My twin brother is." Everyone stared at him in silence. He had a twin brother? And by the looks of his friends they didn't know either. "He's the one who's causing a rampage out there."
"Did you knew he was with me for some time when you weren't here?" I asked him quietly and his face slightly turned white.
"What did he do? Did he do something with you? Are you ok?" He sounded worried and grabbed my shoulders.
"No we just held hands for a bit. You were suddenly wearing a different jacket so when I saw you wearing the black one again I was confused and thought something was wrong with it so I thought you just changed it." I looked at the ground, ashamed of not telling him sooner. How in the world would i've know he had a twin when he held it a secret from me and even his friends. Maybe he was scared his brother would do something to me, cuz he apparently is a criminal.
"And why didn't you told us? We could've protected her if something went wrong. We know how much you care about her. She’s the only one you’d ever have made a effort for. And where even were you?" His friends all shouting questions at him.
“When I noticed he was here I tried to stop him of course. I didn’t wanted to worry you all, so I didn’t say when I left.” Kevin put his hands in his pockets and lifted his shoulders to apologize.
“What did he do?” For some reason I was curious what happened and why he would do this to us and others in this mall.
“He’s holding someone hostage. H-he wants…” He looked at me, cuz he was scared to say it, but I understood him damn well to know what he wanted to say. His brother wanted me.

The next day Kevin was allowed to talk to his brother. They caught him, safed the hostage and send him or her to a nearby hospital. Kevin wanted me to go with him, but I wasn’t sure if I could handle the fact there were basically two Kevins on this world and what one was capable off to get me no matter what. Yet I still went along. I wanted to know why.

He just looked exactly like Kevin. It was as if I was looking at his reflection in a mirror. It freaked me out, cuz I couldn’t tell who was who. There was nothing like a mole the one had and the other didn’t.
Kevin stared at him, with anger I’d never seen before. Both silent. Tears filled my eyes for no real reason. This silence was killing me and I couldn’t hold back anymore and shouted: “Why, just why did you needed to do this?!”
Kevin put a hand on my leg, with a surprised look on his face, to calm me down. He actually never heard me scream before. And the people in the same room looked the same at me. Oh god this was awkward. I grabbed Kevin’s hand and pinched it slightly. His brother only looked at me. I could see some regret in his eyes now that he’s seen my reaction to his deed.
“I don’t really know..” Was the first thing coming out of his mouth. I expected to hear the same voice, but his tone was a bit higher than Kevin.
“But I do.” I looked at Kevin. “Because you’re jealous I have something you can't have.” A cold ran down my spine. He put someone in danger, cuz of jealousy.
“Can you blame me, you shared everything until she came along. Why are you giving her the whole world? Am I nothing to you anymore?” I clenched my teeth and made a fist of my right hand. This was just a fight between brothers over me and I hated it. I stood up and walked away saying nothing. I didn’t know if Kevin was following me, but I just wanted to be alone for a second, it almost felt as if I had an panic attack so I almost ran to the to the bathroom, but I kept myself from going faster so it wouldn’t look weird for other people. I immediately broke down in tears as soon as I closed the door. I gasped for air. My stomach turned and almost made me throw up.
I don’t know how long I was in the bathroom, but when I calmed down I walked to the mirror to check my make up. Thank god waterproof exist. I walked outside to go to the car and saw Kevin leaning against the door. When he noticed me he immediately came to me to give me a hug and a long kiss. It felled good and warm, but I still couldn’t tell if it was him or somehow his brother. He noticed I tensed up at the thought and pinched my cheek softly.
“He won’t come out for a month. And trust me i’m Kevin.” He smiled to lighten the mood, but my eyes started tearing up again.
“How do I know for sure, back in there I couldn't see anything I could keep you two apart from.” I awkwardly pointed at the police station and didn’t know what to do with my myself anymore so I just sat inside the car. Kevin followed me and sat behind the wheel.
“Because you weren’t looking good enough.” He pointed at his eyebrow. “My brother had a piercing when he was younger and it never healed properly when he took it out, so he has two little round scars at his eyebrow. I hated to have piercings in my face so I never took one.”
“Because it would ruin your pretty face?” I said jokingly, warming my hands up.
“Exactly!” He also seemed happy again, cuz my mood was lifting up. I now had something to keep them separated whenever I would see them together. Well to be honest I hoped I would never see his brother. Kevin started the engine and rode home. I finally got comfortable around Kevin again and I smiled.

And that's why I don't like dating one of a twin, but maybe this dream is telling me I’m gonna date one in the future x’D Or maybe it is warning me not to date one. Well.. We’ll see haha (Cuz yes i’m still single >3<)

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