Toby grew up with several mental disorders, which made him hard for him to fit in. He was mostly picked on by his Tics and that lead him to do homeschooling. But that was the worst choice his family made because, after a while, his father lost himself to alcohol, drugs, and gambling. His sister, Lyra, and his mother help him through this, but everything changed when he was 17.

Toby and Lyra were going somewhere, until a car hit their car, killing Lyra in the impact. After Toby left the hospital, he started being less social, not eating, and slowly losing his memories. He then started seeing hallucinations, such as something outside the hospital, and Lyra's corpse. His mom got worried and took him to a psychiatrist to help him, but it didn't work. Something started giving him visions of his sister, and voices in his head, telling him to kill his father. He then had no choice and killed his father for revenge. After that, he lights his neighborhood on fire, due to escape the police. When he got caught in the flames, he then realizes that he wouldn't make it out alive, and he passed out. Luckily, That thing saved him, and erase all of Toby's memories, making him his loyal proxy.

2 weeks later, his mom was watching the news about murdered teenagers. She knew that it was Toby since there was one of the axes that he uses on the scene.

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