Jungkook and Taehyung are 17
Jimin and Hoseok are 18
Namjoon, Yoongi and Jin are 19

JK, Tae, Jimin and Hobi are in the same class, Namjoon, Yoongi and Jin are in the same class

All the characters besides BTS are original characters

Namjoon: hi guys
Jin: hi Joon
Hoseok: hi
Jimin: hello
Jin: did you guys hear about it?
Jimin: hear about what?
Namjoon: I have
Yoongi: what are you guys talking about?
Jin: a teacher and a student were caught making out
Hoseok: wow what
Jimin: thatís kinda hot
Yoongi: Jimin wtf is wrong with you
Jimin: Iím kidding!
Namjoon: Do you know whatís going to happen now, hyung?
Jin: the teacher is getting fired and the student is getting expelled
Hoseok: but why? Itís not that bad, right? It wasnít like the teacher was raping the student or anything. I mean if they really love each other..
Namjoon: I donít think itís really fair either, but itís the rules
Jungkook: which teacher was it?
Jin: Loriu-sensei
Jimin: but he was supposed to go on the trip with us! Whoís coming now?
Yoongi: I have no idea
Taehyung: I heard it was Yun-sensei
Jimin: oh hi Tae
Jungkook: hi hyung
Taehyung: hi guys
Jungkook: who actually knows more about that trip? Weíre already going next week, but I donít really know what to expect from it...
Jimin: I heard we are going to sleep in a castle
Namjoon: weíre staying in a forest in the mountains, but if we go down more thereís a little town. As Chim said, weíre sleeping in a castle thatís been renovated from the inside and turned into a luxe hotel. I think weíre going to stay for three or four days with traveling included. I donít really know much about the activities but weíre going to hike in the forest, thatís for sure, and Iím sure weíll get some time to ourselves too.
Jin: Yes, and weíre going there by bus
Hoseok: which classes are all coming?
Namjoon: ours, yours and one other, Iím not sure which one
Jimin: so on the trip, whoís going to share rooms with who?
Hoseok: I donít really care, but I heard the rooms are for two persons, so one of us will be alone
Jin: I donít care that much either, but I havenít spend much time with Jimin lately
Jimin: But I wanna go on a room with Yoongi, we already planned that because we barely see each other lately
Taehyung: do penguins have knees?
Yoongi: I swear to god Tae, youíre the weirdest, most random fucking person Iíve ever met in my goddamn life
Jin: language, Yoongi! Thereís a child around!
Jungkook: Iím 17!
Yoongi: I really donít give a fucking fuck you damn fucker
Jin: Yoongi!
Namjoon: Guys! We were talking about the rooms weíre sharing, not how much Yoongi loves fuck
Yoongi: ...
Jimin: heía not saying he doesnít
Yoongi: watch your pretty mouth Jimin, until I shove a can of Pringles up your ass when youíre asleep
Jimin: kinky
Jin: why am I even friends with you, Park Jimin?
Jimin: because Iím adorable!
Namjoon: yeah sure...
Hoseok: the rooms, guys! I donít mind sleeping in a room on my own or sharing it with a classmate. And Yoongi and Jimin are sharing a room?
Jimin: Iím not sure if Iím safe in a room with him
Yoongi: I was joking, I promise youíll make it out alive
Jimin: Okay so we have Taehyung, Jungkook, Namjoon-hyung and Jin-hyung left. At least we know that we canít put Jin and Namjoon together in a room
Jin: what? Why is that?
Namjoon: yeah whatís wrong with us sharing a room?
Yoongi: dudes, youíll wake everyone up with being Ďtoo loudí if you know what I mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Namjoon: what
Jin: the fuck
Hoseok: nononono donít fuck
Jimin: yeah, itís not like we have that many condoms around...
Jin: aish guys! What the hell!?
Yoongi: mind your language, young man
Jin: I hate you
Jungkook: but I wanna share a room with Tae-hyung
Hoseok: why? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Taehyung: ah! Why are you all so perverted!? We just want to play Overwatch together!
Jimin: but hyungs will fuck if we put them together in a room...
Namjoon: Jimin cut it out! Stop assuming Iíll have sex with Jin-hyung! (Iím not saying I wonít)
Jungkook: stop teasing Jin-hyung, guys!
Jin: at least I raised one of my children right...
Namjoon: Iím just kidding, Jin-oppa! Donít get mad!
Namjoon: oppa
Jin: Stop calling me oppa! I swear to Christ, all my children hate me!
Namjoon: I thought I was the dad...
Jimin: Stop acting stupid, Jin-hyung. We all know you secretly love it when Namjoon-hyung calls you oppa.

Nmjoon *in private message to Jin*: Iím sorry about all the teasing, hyung. Iím just joking around with the kids, ya know
Jin: itís ok, just donít call me oppa, it will give people the wrong idea
Namjoon: of course, Iím sorry

Namjoon *in the chatroom*: ok but seriously guys, for the 10000th time now, whoís sharing a room with who?
Jungkook: Tae and me
Jimin: Yoongi and I are going to share a room I guess
Hoseok: Iím sharing a room with that new girl from our class, Mia
Jin: that took us long enough to decide...

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