Jin put his phone away with a sigh and a laugh. ‘Why are my friends like this?’, he grinned to himself. It was already getting dark outside, but he still needed groceries for dinner. The night seemed cold and icy, he’d rather stay inside in his warm apartment. Now he lived on his own, he wanted to be in his apartment all the time. It was warm, cozy and he was proud that he was able to live all on his own in it. The housekeeper they were renting the apartment from was an old friend of Jin’s dad, he had no roommates and he could do with it whatever he wants. He loved it. But on the other hand, he loved cooking and food was his passion. It was always interesting to try out new recipes and to walk down the paths of the grocery store to look for new ingredients to experiment with. So he needed to go out, although he might rather stay in his cozy apartment. At least I can cook something when I go back, he said to himself. In the bus he thought of what he could make, but he couldn’t think of anything. I’ll see when I’m in the store. It was a cold, dark night. The wind was blowing pretty strong and Jin wrapped his scarf tighter a round his neck to keep himself warm. ‘Maybe I’ll just make some ramen..’, he mumbled to himself as he stepped into the grocery store. He decided he could better also buy food for the next days coming up, so he didn’t have to go out every single day to buy food. It wasn’t like the store was around the corner, it was a bus ride of 20 minutes. While Jin was bending down, looking for a package of potatoes, he felt someone playfully hitting his head. ‘Hey!’ He looked up and it was Namjoon standing in front of him, smiling. ‘Hi hyung.’ ‘Hey Joon.’ He bend over again, and placed the potatoes in his shopping cart. ‘What are you doing here?’, Jin asked Namjoon. ‘Getting food? What else do you expect me to do here?’ Jin shrugged and mentally slapped himself for the stupid question. As Jin continued to look for more food, Namjoon just followed him. ‘Don’t you need to get your own stuff too?’ Namjoon shook his head, ‘no I’m already done, I’m just waiting for you.’ ‘Don’t worry, you don’t have to.’ Namjoon softly hit Jin’s shoulder. ‘It’s kind of interesting to look at what you buy. Your cart is so different from mine.’ Jin placed the lettuce in his cart and looked over to Namjoons. It was filled with fish, meat, some potatoes too, pizza, more pizza, and hotdogs. Jin’s cart was kind of sad compared to his, with a lots of vegetables, salads and chicken. ‘You’re not on a diet, aren’t you? You shouldn’t be, you’re already really skinny.’ Namjoon sounded concerned as he spoke. Jin immediately shook his head, guilty because he had worried the younger. ‘No no no, I just like healthy food, it means I can eat more of it. And I’m happy with my weight, but I shouldn’t gain too many by eating too much unhealthy food.’ They arrived at the spices. Jin was constantly mumbling to himself while picking different spices and sauces. ‘You look like you know what you’re doing.’, Namjoon admired. He was always impressed by the older, how professional he seemed on a lot of subjects. He felt like he was always kind of bumbled around in his life, but Jin always seemed so under control. He might not be great at everything like Jungkook, but he was still a pretty admirable person, someone to look up to.
‘Wow, you got something to celebrate?’, Namjoon asked when Jin put a cake in his cart. ‘No?’ Namjoon laughed. ‘Well at least I don’t have to worry about you not eating enough, if you can eat an entire cake.’ Jin just shrugged. ‘I’m hungry.’ ‘You’re always hungry.’

‘No, the bus!’ As soon as Jin set step out of the store, he saw the bus leaving, driving away. ‘It’s okay, I’ll wait with you until the next one comes.’, Namjoon assured Jin. ‘That was the last one.’ Jin shrugged. ‘Oh well, I can walk home. I don’t live that far away from here.’ A lie, but he didn’t want to bother Namjoon who was already being way too nice. ‘Pretty boys like you shouldn’t be walking alone in the dark.’ Jin blushed, but just laughed and said he’ll be fine. ‘I’m being serious, hyung. People like you shouldn’t be walking alone at this time of the day, you might get harassed or even attacked.’ ‘What do you mean ‘people like me’?’ Namjoon rolled his eyes. ‘You’re an easy target when you’re so pretty.’ ‘So you think I’m pretty?’, Jin asked with a sly grin. ‘Well, after calling yourself handsome 10000 times a day think that we all know that you’re good-looking by now.’ Jin laughed. ‘Well, I’ll see you around.’, he said, totally forgetting that they were actually in the middle of a conversation. Namjoon gripped Jin’s wrist. ‘I’m not joking, it’s not safe for you to walk home all by yourself, people are getting raped more and more lately and I’m actually worried about you. Let me drive you home.’ ‘I.. I don’t want to bother you or anything, it takes some time driving me home and you need to study for that test too-‘ Namjoon cut Jin off: ‘Driving you home bothers me less than the thought of you being robbed or harassed.’ Jin smiled. ‘Thanks for caring for me.’ They walked across street to get to the car of Namjoons parents. Since that kid got his driving license, he basically took the car everywhere with him. He would probably still drive in it to get to the neighbors. They passed an alley where some dudes were smoking and laughing loudly. It was kind of threatening and scary for some reason, Jin thought. Maybe letting Namjoon drive him home wasn’t such a bad idea. ‘Hey pink boy, nice ass!’, one of the guys shouted. Jin froze, his cheeks bright red of embarrassment. Out of reflex, he ran his hand through his pink hair, suddenly a bit embarrassed about the color of it. ‘Just ignore them.’, Namjoon mumbled calmly. ‘We’re almost at the car.’

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  • CrazyUnicornLuf

    Hey, er zit een klein foutje in

    Als ze zegmaar over jins gewicht praten dan staat daar op het eind many more weight (ongeveer) in plaats van much.

    Okee nu voel ik me heel slecht omdat dit meteen m'n eerste berichtje is... Haha
    Je schrijft het wel heel leuk👍

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      Haha geeft niet. Dit is een nogal oude fic en mijn schrijfstijl en Engels waren nog niet super geweldig. Fijn dat je het leuk vind tho!

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    godsamme ilyily ik schrijf ook steeds bts smuts/oneshots etc in het engels omdat het in het engels veel meer touching en echter is etc maar durf ze nooit echt te publiceren tbh maar nou heb ik echt ein de lijk iemand gevonden die het gewoon zo doet

    ben nog nooit zo blij geweest met een simpele bericht in mn gastenboek, ik heb bijna letterlijk mijn soulmate gevonden door je berichtje hahah

    oke calm down madelief

    ja madelief is mn reallife naam stfu 'bout it hehe

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    Meteen een abo(H)

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      Jeej, dank je wel!

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