Alice ended the story in half a smile, whilst the reporter of GQ England stared at her like she had just managed to get water to burn. It took her - she was a young woman, perhaps mid-twenties, with her blonde curls tucked behind her ear and an intelligent gaze behind a pair of glasses - a few seconds to land back on earth and close her mouth. The last part of the story, which had been so thrilling that it had carried her away, was eagerly pinned down on the little notepad she held in her hand. After that, she ended the recording and tucked the little device back in her pocket. The reporter let a deep sigh escape out of her mouth.
"Thank you so much for your time, Ms. Richmond," she said, her voice still a bit shaky of the excited nerves. My half of a smile grew, albeit only a few millimeters, into a polite smile as I nodded.
"You're welcome," Alice said politely. "If there is anything more you would like to know, please ask."
"I think we've got it all, thank you," she said quickly. "I have to say, ma'am, that this interview exceeded my greatest expectations! You truly are one of my examples, if I can be so bold. And not only mine, but for a lot of younger girls as well. To them, you are a hero! The mighty female heroine who runs a big international all on her own! You broke through the glass ceiling and showed those misogynistic bastards what it's like to be a woman and-"
"I have heard that many times,"Alice interrupted, not minding the annoyed tone in her voice, as she folded her hands together onto her desk, only to break them apart again to take a sip of her coffee a few seconds later. "But if that's all, Mrs. Henderson, I would like to continue my work. Like you said, I am head of a well-scaled international, and Rilex Internationals doesn't run itself."
The overly-excited interviewer suddenly realized her mistake - having lost all sense of time and formalities - and immediately stood up. In her eagerness, she bumped over the chair, which only resulted in more clumsiness when she tried to pick it up and dropped her recorder. Alice watched her from my desk, unamused. Henderson stood up again, brushed the loose curls away from her face and smiled awkwardly.
"I am sorry, I must have taken a lot of your time. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for having an interview with us. We will send you the article before it airs, hoping it will please you," she rattled. Alice nodded.
"Good day, Mrs. Henderson," she said, as she touched the touchpad of her laptop to make the screen light up. The blonde quickly nodded and muttered a few good-bye's as she made her way to the exit of the office, trying to get out as fast as she could.

Alice had less than a minute of rest when her secretary came bouncing in. A deep sigh left her mouth as she looked up when he closed the door, a broad grin, cheesy grin plastered on his face. His long, chocolate brown hair bounced on his shoulders and his green eyes eagerly found mine, who answered with a look that was not as eager. He held two mugs which held coffee in each. One black, another caramel brown. Alice took the black one and took a little sip from it, careful not to burn her tongue or smudge her lipstick. Her lips left a red stain on the pearly white mugs.
He sat across from her and downed - unlike Alice - almost half of his cup at once. He was a broad guy. One of those who preferred going to the gym above everything. To work, he wore blouses tucked in a neat pants with shiny black Doctor Martens - the ones that only reach up to your calves - underneath. His hair was long, longer than hers. His reached past his shoulder, whilst hers ended just past her ear, halfway down her neck. He wore it in a bun most of the time, but decided to let it run loose today, which was something Alice had often warned him about. His hair, together with his neatly trimmed beard, broad shoulders and white, sparkling smile gave him something charismatic. Even Alice had to admit that he had something attractive about him. If only a good pair of brains had come with them too at birth. Instead, he had received a bubbly, incredibly energetic personality, which caused him to wobble on his chair, bouncing from the left to the right like a little child, constantly. Alice could hardly concentrate.
"What is it, David?" she asked him rather harshly, as she took another sip of her coffee. David drank from his cup, which resulted in him emptying it entirely.
"Just wanted to check in on you. Did the interview go well?"
She did not look up from her laptop, her expression remaining neutral.
"It went well. I expect good reviews."
"What did you tell them?" David asked.
"Private stuff."
"Like what?"
A sigh escaped her lips and she was forced to look up. Alice's warning gaze said everything and David immediately realized his mistake.
"Suppose I'll just read the article," he said nonchalantly, with an apologetical smile.
"Don't you have anything else to do? Like, manage the schedule of the busiest woman in this corporate, for example?" Alice hissed at him. "You are dismissed."
David stood up and grinned.
"Yes, boss! Of course, boss! Will be done!"
And, lie the puppy he is, he darted off towards the door. In his excitement, he left his mug on the desk and before she could call out to him to take it with him, he slammed the door shut with a loud bang.
Alice rolled her eyes. She started rubbing her temples to suppress an upcoming headache.

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