Yay, femme Azrael, angel of death. How would she and Lucifer interact?
after s2

"Azrael, what a unexpected... pleasure to meet you. Though I can't say I'm too happy to see you.", Luci said as he expected trouble; "Why are you here?"
"Amenendiel disappeared with my knife", I said.
"Right, you gave it to him didn't you?"
"Yeah, he'd mumbled something about killing mum. Suppose I am guilty of not trying to stop him"
"Oh, well", Luci sipped; "Can't blame you. I pretty much wanted to kill her myself"
"Amenendiel did not return, where is my blade?", I said, I felt myself getting quite angry. I had no time for wandering off. Luci had this thing for wasting my precious time. Some angels actually have a job to do, one they don't neglect.
I saw Luci's face getting.. less vibrant. My dear, what did he do this time?
"You see, it is kinda in this other dimension I sent mum to"
"So, you took my blade, and threw it away", really, he'd better come up with a hell of an explanation; "No, you'd thought it funny to give it to our mom"
"Well, that's not how it went", he said, smiling and sipping. But I heard a tremble in his voice. So I got closer. I did not want to strangle him yet, just to stand close enough to do so. I sighed and clenched my teeth.
"Tell me exactly how it went. Don't leave out a detail"
He'd came up with some bullshittery story. Okay, he was telling the truth, but why did he always wander off halfway? I wished I could have seen it, but I only poses as many eyes as there are humans. Something happened. Something I couldn't see. My bet, Amenendiel was involved too. Thanks bro.
After an hour or so, Luci was finished. I was not exactly pleased... Maybe he'd forgot who was superior. So I slashed him with one of my wings. I knew he'd cut his of. As he fell on the ground I laughed. Poor sucker, trying to cut off his wings, burning them, I heard.
I bowed down to the ground to grab his neck. "Seems like you keep on falling. You just can't help yourself", my mocking words echoed in many tongues in his ears.
Suddenly he grinned. I backed, he should not be laughing. Why isn't he upset? Did humans drive him insane? That must be it.
"Quite the contrary, sis."
I did not copy that. I got on my feet. Something was wrong. Did dad trick me? He wouldn't play me. I've been cleaning up Luci's mess for years now.
He stood up. Behind him he expanded his brightest wings.
"Well, whatever", I said. "I don't care. I just want to warn you that people are walking in and out of hell. Wandering back, as if it was just a park. I'm getting tired of dragging them back to hell.
Oh, and I've received complains. It appears they are not getting enough punishment"
"That so", Luci said grinning. I nodded and spread six wings. Just to remind him that he'd better not get any ideas. God might have given him back his wings, but it doesn't change a thing. Not for me. He could come at me as he wanted.
"Frankly, I don't care"
What? He was the lord of hell.
I balded my fist. Whether he'd like it or not, he was going back. Not all of us have the luxury of only having one job. There were people for me to kill. What I kinda loathed was that there were already 16 babies from the last 24 hours. I had to write their names in, scratch them out before dawn. Unnecessary paperwork. Couldn't the babies just be abortions? Without names. Would safe me a lot of energy.
Oh, and, because I need to keep an eye on everyone that is born... God also gave me the privilege to watch over our most promiscuous angels. Thankfully Lucy did not have earth ruined witch offspring. Lucy, who was still standing there. Without my knife. With his stupid angelic bright wings. This stupid grin. He was never going to listen.
I felt my blood boiling. I needed to hurt him badly. So I ran. The room flashed backwards. My arms wrapped around his waist. My full weight stroke him down. The floor cracked slightly.
"Well-well sis, still got your temper?"
I smashed my fist into his floor, next to his ear. Just to shut him up. Then I grabbed his shoulders, lifted them and bounced them right back. Of course, this hardly hurt him. So I punched him into his miserable face. Suddenly he grasped my arm. Before I could punch him with my other arm, he had me on my back. Why was he still so strong?
"To be honest... I missed you", he whispered in my ear. I flung my head, headbutt, right in the face.
"I'll drag your ass back to hell"
Lucifer cleaned his nose. Still vain. I tried kicking him in the nuts, but it was hard whilst lying on my boob. He bettered his grip. I waited for a hit, but it did not come. "Oh come on!", I shouted. It almost seemed like he did not want to hurt me. "What's the deal, we've been trying to kill each other before"
"That didn't work out well. And I wasn't trying to kill you"
"I was"
"Well, it most certainly won't work"
"Yeah, because you took my blade"
"Amenadiel did too"
That much was true; "Perhaps I should punish him"
"Yes, please do. I'd love to watch"
Luci had lost concentration. And I've had time time to take a look around and locate a demonic knife. Great, that should do the job. I sprinted forward and grabbed the knife thightly between my fingers and palm. "After I finished you", yeah this knife was super well-balanced. I could just throw it. He would catch it if I did. I needed to outfasten him. He'd already got up. His palms defensively forward. May they break his fall. My left leg hit his right with immense speed. He grunted as he fell to his knees. I raised the blade with both arms. He grabbed my right arm. My right hand let loose of the blade as my left struck down. The weapon hit him behind the shoulder. He tried to stop me but it was already buried in his flesh. With his hand clenching my wrist I was forced to let go. His eyes glowed. "Don't make me break it", he mumbled as he pulled out the knife. He pointed the nasty thing to me. Shit!
I kicked him in the stomach. My wrist hurt! The knife was put into my ankle... Well, I better not move. I held still. The weapon somehow too.
"Don't make another move", Lucifer threatend; "I will cut you. I don't want to, but I will! Listen, you want to take it out on Amenadiel. You need to find him. I know where"
"Let's make a deal"
I snorted. A deal with the devil? "What've you got?"
"Okay, so, you, I'll get you to Amenadiel. And you, you'll stop trying the impossible"
"To kill you?"
"No... well, yes that too"
"And, what other favor?"
"You will let me live.. on earth"
"Well, I can't grant you two for one. I'll let you live in peace, I will only try to take you to hell, not make your life a living one. Deal?"
"Fair enough"

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