There are a lot of people on this planet. Big, small, old, young, boy, girl, or however they might identify, there is only one true way to seperate them. The ones who have big dreams, and a small imagination, and the ones with smaller dreams but huge imaginations. Ember, Melody, Soraya and Wynter are girls who haven't really discovered their own personalities yet, but are soon to discover it. None of the girls have any kind of relationship with eachother, in fact, they're almost opposites of eachother.

Wynter, is a pretty girl with pale skin, light blonde hair and icy blue eyes. She lives in Canada, with both her parents, but no siblings. Wynter's parents have a lot of money, and do everything they can for their little girl. Wynter goes to a private school, and has a lot of friends, but it just doesn't feel right.

Soraya on the other hand, is very different. She is a girl, with a slightly tanned skin, brown curly hair and hazel eyes. Soraya lives in Africa, together with her mom. Her dad just dissappeared when Soraya's mom was pregnant with her. Soraya and her mom don't have a lot of money, but Soraya always stays optimistic and looks at everything from the bright side.

Then there's Ember. A fiery redhead with eyes like gold. Ember was severely autistic, but always had the right intent. Because of her autism, she was homeschooled. Ember lived with both her parents and a little brother in New Zealand, but she didn't like it at home. Her parents would be fighting, and her brother would make fun of her. Every day, after she was done with her schoolwork, she would go out into the autumn forests. Sometimes she would spend hours just looking at the foxes, runnig wild and free, because that would really calm her mind and let her escape reality for just a few hours

The last girl I want to tell you about is Melody. Melody is a small, French girl, with platinum blonde hair and bright green eyes who lived on the countryside with her parents, older sister and her younger twin brother and sister. Pretty average girl, you'd think. Except one thing. She's blind. She might be blind, but she still did every thing other girls her age would do. Go to school, for example. Melody didn't like school and wasn't very good at it either. After school, she'd go out into the meadows, together with her little black cat, Papillon (Butterfly in French), who acted as a guide cat, beacause Melody was allergic to dogs, and in the meadows they would lie together, in the grass, surrounded by hundreds of flowers, where they would daydream about everything to come.

"Now what's so special about these girls?" I hear you ask. Well, let me tell you one thing, I say. "what makes these girls so special is that they're all longing. longing for more."

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