"Longing for more"

The exact motto of the Tree of Life College, which is located on the countryside of England. The Tree of Life was a girls-only school, but it specializes in girls with special needs. Everyone, from over the entire world could get accepted in. All you had to do was send an application letter, and then a total of 200 girls would be selected to follow an education program that would last for 4 years. Eveything was free, if you got accepted into the school they would send a private jet to your local airport, to pick you up and transport you to the school and they would give you all the supplies you'd need.

So, as the beginning of the new schoolyear got closer, the list with girls who where accepted into the school was revealed. Surprisingly, Wynter, Soraya, Ember and Melody were all accepted. They all packed their suitcases, taking everything that was dear to them. Melody could also take Papillon, as he was her special needs animal and thus was accepted into the school. When the time came, all of them deported to their local airport, who took all of them to the Tree of Life College. When they all arrived, everyone gathered in the auditorium. There, Miss Howell, the headmistress, told everyone in which dorm they'd sleep and with who. "Dorm room number 18'' Miss Howell said " Ember Fyres, Soraya Imamu, Melody Blaise and Wynter Morrison for dorm room 18". All the girls went over to the exit and waited for eachother to walk to their dorm togheter. Wynter, Ember and Soraya all were waiting for eachother at the door, but Melody didn't show up. Suddenly they heard Miss Howell randomly shout “girls for dorm room number 18, Melody is already in the dorm because of her special needs.” The girls sighed, grabbed their stuff and walked to their dorm. When they entered the room, Melody jumped off from her bed, because she didn't see the girls coming (pun intended) and didn't expect them to be here so early. They all sat down onto the beds and introduced themselves to eachother. At first it was quite akward, but they soon opened up to eachother, and when Melody put some music on, everything came together. They started singing and dancing along, happily unpacking their bags. It felt right. So, so right. They all had a feeling of excitement, of something more to come. And oh boy, more will come. A lot more.

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