‘Done!’ Jin and Namjoon sighed exhausted. They finished all Jin’s homework, and Namjoon had forbidden Jin to study for any of his tests on the trip. ‘I’m going to bed.’, Jin yawned. ‘No way, you can’t! We are going on a night trip, remember?’ ‘Can’t I just sleep until then?’ ‘Just wait another half an hour, hyung.’ ‘Fine.’ Jin plopped down on the couch in the room. Namjoon sat down next to him. ‘Wanna watch a movie?’ ‘Sure.’ Namjoon turned on the tv and put up a random movie that was playing halfway through. Although he didn’t go to bed, the older could still feel his eyelids getting heavy. He almost fell on Namjoons shoulder a few times because he almost passed out. ‘It’s ok.’, Namjoon said, and he patted on his shoulder in a sign that Jin could lay his head down on it. Shyly he did so, and he couldn’t help but immediately feel very comfortable. In less than half a minutes he was passed out, deeply asleep. Namjoon grinned. ‘Whoah!’, he mumbled shyly when Jin’s head fell off his shoulder and ended up snuggled into his chest. Jin was always someone who would cuddle whatever was close to him when he was asleep, so he wrapped his arm around Namjoons waist. Namjoon was too afraid to wake Jin up to get him off him. And he would lie if he said that he minded, it was pretty comfortable if he had to be honest. Jin made a soft sound that reminded Namjoon a bit of a satisfied cat who was laying the sun. ‘Cute kitten.’, Namjoon grinned. ‘Guys, we’re leaving!’ The other boys ran into their room without knocking or giving any warnings. ‘Oh, are we interrupting?’, Taehyung asked with an eyebrow-wiggle. ‘H-He just fell asleep! He was tired ok?’ Namjoon was a blushing mess. Yoongi rolled his eyes. ‘Just wake him up already.’ Namjoon shook Jin’s shoulder. ‘Wake up, hyung.’ Jin groaned and tightened his grip around the younger’s waist, refusing to wake up. ‘Hyung, wake up!’ He finally opened his eyes, looking very confused and sleepy. It was honestly adorable. ‘Let’s go!’ Jin got up and rubbed the back of his neck. ‘Sorry for falling asleep on you like that.’ Namjoon shook his head. ‘It’s ok. Let’s go now.’ The two boys put on their coats while the other five were waiting for them. ‘Hurry up!’ ‘Yeah yeah.’ They all went downstairs and waited for the last people to arrive. ‘Is everyone there? No one stayed behind to sleep?’ While the whole class said that everyone was there, the six friends were busy covering Jin’s mouth because he was yelling: ‘That was an option!? Kim Namjoon I’m going to kill you!’

The forest was dark and cold. It was very quiet, almost too quiet. With every single step on the ground, the sound of crunching stones and breaking sticks could be heard. Only one teacher had a flashlight, that was it. Yoongi was walking with his hands stuffed in his pockets, talking to Namjoon who seemed very relaxed. On the other hand, Jin and Hoseok were both constantly screaming at every sound they heard and Jin was backhugging Hoseok tightly while both walking around like two scared toddlers. Jimin was trying to act tough, but he had always been afraid of the dark. Jungkook was scared too, but not because of the dark. Jae was wearing Taehyungs headphones around his neck and Jungkook did not know wether Taehyung had already noticed that his headphones were gone, but he was afraid that he would recognize them around Jae’s neck. He was also afraid that Jae would come up to him again to make him do something even nastier. Taehyung was laughing and making jokes and he hadn’t even noticed that his headphones were gone. Some of their classmates were telling horror stories or doing childish stuff like throwing stones or hitting each other with sticks. The teachers were trying to tell the students about the forest but gave up because no one was paying attention. ‘Are we going to play truth or dare tomorrow?’, Taehyung asked. ‘We have some kind of scavenger hunt tomorrow, we’ll be too tired. I think we can better do it the day after tomorrow.’, Namjoon said. Taehyung pouted and asked Jimin what he thought. ‘I agree with Namjoon.’ ‘Aish, guys! Kookie, what do you think?’ ‘What?’ The younger quickly looked up with a confused look on his face. ‘If we should play truth or dare tomorrow.’ Jungkook shrugged and quickly looked away again. ‘What’s been up with him?’, Taehyung whispered to Jimin. He had asked it before that evening but he didn’t got a proper answer back then. He was worried about his friend. ‘I don’t know.’, Jimin whispered back. ‘Maybe he’s just stressed about the tests coming up next week.’ Taehyung didn’t believe that. ‘I’m not sure.. It’s like something happened in the past couple of hours...’ ‘You know what?’ Jimin bumped Taehyungs shoulder. ‘You guys make a team together at the scavenger hunt and you’ll ask him about it then.’ ‘Oh shit!’, a teacher cried out. Immediately she covered her mouth and looked around if anyone heard her. ‘What’s wrong sensei?’, Mia asked. Which was a bit unnecessary because they could see what was wrong. The battery of her flashlight was empty, and now they were surrounded by complete darkness. Some girls screamed and Jin almost crushed Hoseok between his trembling arms. Jimins prentending not to be scared failed and he grabbed Taehyungs hand. ‘Please students, don’t panic!’, Yun-sensei said in a calm voice. ‘Who has their cellphone with them?’ Some students raised their hand, then realized that no one could see that, so mumbled that they had one with them. ‘Could you please turn it on and put the screen up to the highest brightness?’ They did so and immediately their faces lit up. ‘It’s nothing compared to the flashlight. What dumbass even thought of only bringing one?’, Yoongi complained. He had his phone turned on too and his face looked spooky with the white light shining on it and the dark shadows that were created. ‘It’s enough to find the castle back.’, Yun, who heard him, said. Yoongi blushed in shame because the teacher heard him calling them dubmasses. But Yun didn’t say anything to the boy about it. ‘Aish, don’t squeeze so hard!’, Taehyung hissed to Jimin. Jimin was crushing Taehyungs hand. ‘I’m tired.’ Jin yawned and finally released himself from Hoseok. ‘It’s okay, we’re almost there.’ Namjoon still seemed pretty relaxed, although it was dark and cold all around them. They all turned around when they heard the sound of someone falling. Yoongi pointed his phone towards the direction. The maknae was laying on the ground. ‘I’m ok.’, he groaned as he pushed himself up. ‘You sure?’ Taehyung let go of Jimins hand and helped Jungkook up. ‘Yeah, It’s fine, I’m not hurt. I just didn’t see that rock in the dark and tripped over it.’ ‘Silly boy.’, Jin giggled.

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