I know, this chapter is kinda shit

When they got back to the castle, everyone was tired and grumpy. Walking back to the castle took way longer than expected and on the way they almost got los several times. Everyone was pissed about the nightly trip not being a success. When Hoseok got into his room, Mia was in the shower. ‘Are you almost done?’, he asked. ‘Almost!’, she yelled back from the shower. Hoseok patiently waited on the couch until she would get out. Girls, he though with a grin when she still wasn’t finished after ten minutes. ‘I’m done.’ The girl was wearing her pyjamas and fluffy socks that made Hoseok giggle. She hid her feet in embarrassment. ‘Don’t do that, they’re cute.’, he assured her sweetly. She sat down on her bed and crossed her feet with a light blush and a pout on her face. Hoseok tried to do aegyo and they both laughed. ‘King of aegyo.’, Mia grinned. Hoseok quickly got his stuff and disappeared in the bathroom. It took him way shorter to take a shower and after only five minutes he appeared in the room again in sweatpants and a grey T-shirt. His hair was wet and water droplets were dripping down his neck and leaving darker grey stains on his light grey shirt. ‘I’m going to sleep, can I turn off th lights?’, he asked Mia who was reading a book. She closed her book and put it to the side. ‘Yeah it’s fine.’ They both went to bed and it quiet for a few minutes. ‘How are you enjoying the trip so far?’, Hoseok suddenly asked. ‘It’s ok.’ Hoseok agreed. ‘How about this class? Are the kids nice to you?’ ‘Well yeah, some girls are pretty nice.’ Some girls... ‘What about the boys?’ Mia was silent. ‘Oh no, what happened?’ ‘N-Nothing!’ ‘Then what’s wrong?’ ‘I don’t know.. They’re just kind of... intimidating.’, she mumbled. ‘Who? Anyone in particular?’ ‘Well not really.. Just some of them.’ ‘What do they do then?’ Mia hestated. ‘Well nothing bad or anything, it’s just the way they look at me that scares me. Sometimes they say things or just bawl or yell at me.’ ‘Say what things?’ Hoseok was worried and he wasn’t going to give up until he knew exactly what was going on. He knew that some of his classmates could be pretty disrespectful towards girls. ‘I don’t know... they call me weird nicknames like ‘kitten’ or just childish sexual stuff.’ Hoseok could feel himself getting angry. ‘Please tell me whenever something like that happens, it’s very rude and disrespectful only because you’re a girl. You really don’t know who it were?’ ‘Well...’ ‘Tell me.’, he demanded. It might have sounded a bit more harsh than he meant. ‘I was at the club with two old friends of mine last weekend, and I saw two classmates there. They didn’t do or say anything and I know I couldn’t be such a coward but the way they looked at me was just really intimidating. I know I shouldn’t be judging on looks but I find them in general a bit... scary,’ ‘Who were it?’ ‘Yoongi and Namjoon.’ Appearenly, Mia didn’t know that Hoseok was friends with them. He started laughing. ‘I’m sorry.’, he grinned. ‘Don’t worry Mia, I think that from all of our classmates, Yoongi and Namjoon are the least frightening of all. Well yeah Yoongi-hyung can be a little scary when he’s angry, but there’s nothing to be afraid of. They were drunk, weren’t they?’ ‘Y-Yes, Namjoon was looking at me all the time and Yoongi was kissing with a lot of girls, I was afraid he would come to me too.’ ‘Don’t worry. Yoongi.... the boy has some problems. But he’s not dangerous and I think he was very drunk because otherwise he would never have kissed those girls, I’m not even sure if he’s into girls to be honest... Because of everything he’s going through, he might seem cold-hearted but he’s actually really sweet. And with Namjoon, he’s a really mature and nice person, he also came out as gay last year so I don’t think he’s been doing all that staring on purpose.’ ‘Hoseok?’ ‘Yeah?’ ‘How do you know all of that?’ ‘Well, they’re my friends.’ ‘Oh! Oh my gosh I’m so sorry! I didn’t know that! If I knew I wouldn’t have said that, I’m really sorry!’ Hoseok laughed. ‘It’s ok.’ He didn’t blame Mia for being afraid. It must be scary to come to a whole new country on a whole new school with their rude ass classmates who were saying weird stuff to her. And especially because she was a girl and there were a lot of incidents of people getting sexually harassed and sometimes even raped lately. ‘Hoseok?’ ‘Yes?’ ‘You said Namjoon was gay, is... is Jin his boyfriend?’ Hoseok bursted out into laughter. ‘You sound exactly like the rest of our friend group. They’re not officially together but they are definitely hardcore crushing on each other, probably both without realizing it.’ ‘Tell me all about it.’ Mia was a girl after all, and has always liked these kind of gossips. Hoseok laughed again because of Mia being so interested in his friends’ love life. ‘Well today, before the night trip, we walked into them sleeping together on the couch. Well, Namjoon was still awake but Jin had his head all snuggled into his chest and his arm around Namjoon’s waist and he was asleep. Namjoon is also teasing Jin all the time. He’s always flirting with him and calls him ‘oppa’ often just to make him feel embarrassed.’ ‘And you’re sure they aren’t dating already and just hiding it from you?’, Mia giggled. ‘Probably.’, Hoseok laughed. ‘Well, goodnight.’ ‘Goodnight.’

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