Jungkook couldn’t sleep that night. Taehyung however was softly snoring with his mouth wide open, deeply sleep. There was a ray of moonlight peeking through the curtains and it fell perfectly on Taehyungs handsome face. Jungkook had a perfect view on Taehyung because of that moonlight, and he couldn’t stop himself from staring at him while thinking: why? That was the only thing going through his mind. Why? Why me? Why him? I must be such an idiot to fall for him like that. He also did not look forward to playing truth or dare the next day. They would have the scavenger hunt the next morning, and then the students would have the evening and night to themselves and the friends had decided that that would be the best moment to play truth or dare. The day after that they would visit the village down the hill and go to the club there at night. But as I said, Jungkook did not look forward to truth or dare. He was afraid of the questions like: ‘do you have a crush on someone?’ and the dares like: ‘kiss...’. What if he would be forced to kiss Taehyung? Or if he would be forced to ask a girl out? And although he was bisexual, he couldn’t even think of girls anymore now Taehyung was in his life. He let out a soft sigh. It took him one more hour to fall asleep.

‘Good morning guys.’, Yoongi yawned. He was the last one to arrive at breakfast. ‘Good morning hyung.’ ‘Good morning Yoongi.’ ‘Hi hyung.’ They all started eating and just had a little chat about how everyone had slept. ‘So how are we going to divide the teams for the scavenger hunt?’, Namjoon asked. ‘I was thinking about just doing it with our roommates, and then Hoseok can join Yoongi-hyung and me.’, Jimin said, thinking about the conversation with Taehyung the night before. ‘Sure.’, Yoongi said with his mouth full of pancake. ‘That’s fine.’, Jin said. ‘So everyone agrees?’ They all nodded.

‘Everybody please listen up!’, the teacher spoke. They were outside at the edge of the forest. ‘Has everyone already made teams?’ ‘Yes sensei!’ ‘Good. We will all hand you a paper with a word on it. You need to find pieces of paper with the letters of that word on it in the forest. They can be everywhere, but please don’t go too deep into the forest. Some letters are in caves, but don’t go past the signs in the caves that say that you can’t pass, that can be very dangerous. We expect you all back at 3 o’clock, wether you have found your word or not. Does anyone still have any questions?’ It was quiet. ‘Good, we will hand out the papers now.’ Yoongi, Jimin and Hoseok got the word ‘thunder’, Jungkook and Taehyung got ‘oranges’ and Jin and Namjoon got ‘jumpers’. Taehyung turned the hat he was wearing so that the cap was at the back and playfully hit the back of Jungkooks head. ‘Let’s go!’, he said, and they ran off. ‘Let’s go the other direction.’, Jimin suggested as he took his team into the forest. Jin and Namjoon just shrugged and walked into the forest too without saying anything.

At the time that team Yoonminseok found the first letter, (the letter u) Taekook had already found a g s. Maybe that was because the two maknae’s were running around while searching very actively while the three boys from the other team were walking around lazily while chatting and laughing and maybe looking for letters so once in a while. ‘Should we look in this cave?’, Hoseok asked while pointing at the entrance of one. ‘Sensei said that there would be letters in caves too so sure.’, Jimin shrugged. Yoongi got a package of cigarettes out of his pocket and lit up a flame with his lighter. ‘Ew Yoongi, gross. Don’t smoke here in the caves.’, Jimin complained. Yoongi knew Jimin didn’t like it when he smoked so he sighed and put his stuff away again. Jimin was lucky the older had a soft spot for him. ‘Fine.’, he mumbled as he shoved his hands in his pockets. Jimin gave him a toothy smile and Yoongi looked away, feeling a bit shy. It was silent for a while, so Hoseok asked Yoongi: ‘So you had fun this weekend?’ just to break the silence. ‘What do you mean?’, he asked coldly. ‘In the club with Namjoon.’ Yoongi shrugged and hummed in a monotone voice: ‘It was fun, I don’t remember much.’ ‘Oh you went to the club?’, Jimin asked curiously. ‘Well Yeah, but as I said, I don’t remember much, I was pretty drunk.’ ‘But I think you sure remembered kissing those girls, don’t you?’, Hoseok asked with an eyebrow wiggle. Yoongi grinned and said: ‘Well yeah but I don’t really remember who they were.’, he laughed. ‘I guess it doesn’t really matter, it’s not like I like them or I if would want to see them again.’ Jimin stopped walking. ‘What’s wrong, Chim?’ ‘You’ve been kissing with girls?’ ‘Well yeah, I was partying and drunk, what’d you expect?’ He laughed again, ‘is our little mochi jealous?’ Jimins cheeks flushed. ‘No!’ ‘Then why do you look so mad?’ Jimin shook his head. ‘Whatever.’ He continued walking but Yoongi grabbed his shoulder. ‘What’s wrong, Jimin?’, he asked in a warm tone. He was worried. ‘I just don’t get the fun of it, ok? Just getting drunk and making out with a bunch people that you don’t even remember afterwards like they’re lust objects instead of girls with feelings.’ Yoongi frowned. ‘Jimin it’s not like I was using every single girl to play with her emotions or something. It’s just a party thing.’ Jimin moves his shoulder away from Yoongi. ‘Fine, whatever you want but I think it’s gross.’ The two almost forgot that Hoseok was still with them. ‘Guys...’, he mumbled. He didn’t want them to fight, especially not when they were in some random cave somewhere in the middle of nowhere. ‘You just don’t get it because you’re still a kid.’ ‘I’m only one year younger! You’re just a gross, typical teenager.’ Yoongi sighed irritated. ‘Okay fine, you’re just too innocent.’ Then he sighed again and forced himself to say sorry. ‘I’m sorry, let me buy you a hamburger or whatever to make it up, ok?’ Hoseok nodded approvingly to Yoongi, it wasn’t often that he would apologize for something like that. Jimin let out a breathy hum. ‘Fine, I accept your apology but I don’t need the hamburger.’ ‘What? You want ice cream instead?’ ‘I’m on a diet, hyung.’, he giggled. Then he suddenly realized what he had just said and covered his mouth like he had just said a really bad curse word. ‘Forget that I said that!’, he said quickly, but Yoongi seemed to rise up in anger and the boys wouldn’t be surprised if he actually breathed fire. ‘You’re on a diet again!?’, he yelled. Jimin backed away, afraid that the older would hurt him. ‘You’re crazy!’ He pointed at the side of his head. ‘You’re killing yourself, don’t you understand!?’ The noised of Yoongi screaming we’re so loud and went all through Jimin like silver blades. Hoseok had to hold Yoongi to prevent him from actually attacking Jimin, that was how angry he was. ‘You told us you stopped after you ended up in the hospital after not eating for a week! And we actually believed you, for just a second we thought that you were actually getting better but you just continued with killing your health behind our backs!’ ‘Yoongi calm down!’, Hoseok hissed. He had to admit that he was shocked too, the last time Jimin was ‘dieting’ he fainted in dance class with the risk of never waking up again. He also believed that Jimin was getting better after seeing him eat properly. But now he realized that that was just a disguise because he would probably make himself throw up afterwards like he used to do. ‘No I can’t calm down! Don’t you understand that that fucker is goddamn killing himself!?’ ‘Don’t you understand!?’, Jimin yelled, tears running down his cheeks. ‘I’m finally achieving what I want, and you’re being mad at me? You should be proud that I’m finally capable of achieving goals!’ ‘So I should be proud that my best friend is turning himself into a walking skeleton?!’ ‘Just fuck you, ok, Yoongi!? Fuck you, I’m leaving. Continue this stupid hunt with your boyfriend.’ And then he ran away, into the cave. ‘Whatever, stupid toddler. Let’s got out of this dirty cave, Hobi.’

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